Wizardry Research Elementalism Herbalism


Wizards may regain a portion of their mana by harvesting the elements: this is known as Elementalism. A Wizard may absorb a fior using a Nadurra Necklace and the appropriate Leasaich Spell.

The Nadurra Necklace may be bought from the Undine Wizard and any form of the Leasaich will work: please council the spell section for locations and requirements. After obtaining both of these, it is time to cultivate some fiors. For Fior Athar you will need to head near a tree. Equip the necklace and walk around the trunk of the tree. A cultivating message will appear and you will receive some fior. You may do this as much as your labor will hold out. For Fior Srad you will want to cultivate near fire sources, Fior Creag near dirt sources and Fior Sal near water and well sources. Fiors may also be bought in the Black Market by a rogue for 500 coin each.

Now that you have the spell, necklace and fiors, you may start to absorb the fiors for mana. To do this equip the necklace and cast the spell. Then walk back over the spot you just cast the spell on or press F5, and a window will come up confirming you would like to absorb the fior. The more you cultivate fiors the higher your elementalism will increase in your legend.