DA-Programs By BioMagus

All my programs have been programmed in C#. You may look at the Source Code which is located to the left of the program files. Please enjoy the programs! Please note you will need the Microsoft .NET Framework to run these programs. You can get the framework from Windows Update (IE > Tools > Windows Update), or download/install manually from the following links:
     Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

If you enjoy using these programs and feel generous, please feel free to donate to BioMagus using the donate button on the left-hand side of this page. *huggles*

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Version 7.36
This is the Pointer Information for the specified Dark Ages Client Version. All programs WILL NEED this .xml in the same folder as the program. During DA client patches, ONLY THIS file will need to be replaced/updated.

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Source Code

This is DAWalker. It is a program that will automatically move your character to a specific location. It finds the Shortest Path World Jumps using a Dijkstra Algorithm implemented in C#. It then uses a dynamic programming algorithm to find the shortest path within a map and then follows it. It has a number of locations automatically set, where the user can just click a location and start the program almost anywhere for it to automatically move the person to the destination. It automatically loads the maps from the DA-Maps folder (If not default, set the your DA Maps folder location in the WorldMap.txt) and provides almost perfect wall evasion and quick monster detection. It will pass all monsters and walls to get to the location. Furthermore, the program also has the options of providing constant dion or hide well Auto Walking through maps. Finally you may also provide "Map Numbers" of a map you would like to go to in the "Other" button, so you can go to almost anywhere in Temuair. The WorldMap.txt is expandable and may be expanded fully to incorporate other locations. Currently the Mapped world includes popular areas (Medenia and Temuair), most long walking hunting areas (ie. Crypt, Shinewood) and mind quests (ie. Oren Tower Maze, Swamp). A World Map Editor is included in the download as well. Enjoy.
This program is an Auto Searcher for Dark Ages. It will automatically search every spot on any map. It will move around obstacles and people until every possible place is searched. It also allows saving of map walls (for quicker searching) and loading map walls from map files (for quicker searching), however you can always just do a black search and have it find the walls (takes a little longer). It also allows a Path Search (to follow along a simple path), also depending on your preferences, it can search the map while Dark Ages is minimized.
Notes: The "Load DA Map" Option now works perfectly (Big thanks to SiLo on this one), and it helps you open random maps and see what they are correctly. The "Preview Loaded Map" option will let you view maps you recently loaded with "Load DA Map". Default speed will not double skip and searches fast :) You may set the speed to 500 if you loaded the map for a bit faster speed (will move twice sometimes).
A Program to calculate your EXP and AB Rater per hour. Press CTRL-F9 to start the Timer (and Pause it), CTRL-F10 to Reset the Timer, and CTRL-F11 to Display and Hide the information. Press CTRL-F9 during breaks to pause timer, and CTRL-F9 again to resume. Also you can Time Skill Aethers with CTRL-12. Just put your mouse over the skill you wish to time and then press CTRL-F12 and after the aether leaves it'll tell you the Time. Thanks!

Source Code
This is an AoEncahnter for any class who has access to ao spell(s)--mainly priests and prizards. It will automatically see what is cast on you, and if a certain negative spell is on you it will automatically ao that spell (It should do so without bothering the user). The intelligence of the program will also not try to ao the spell if you do not have the mana to do so, or are unable to (pramhed or can't cast right now). The program will also cast the spell no matter what panel you are on or if you are in minimized or maximized spell window (even if the spell is in the 2nd or 3rd row and you are in minimized spell panel--it will still instant cast the spell).

Source Code
This was originally designed for the Contest System (where you had to speak the entrees to a judge). It would allow you to open text file or to type a long speech and then format and start the talking. It would copy and paste the whole speech without you having to re-type the article or keep copying and pasting. It allows you to also say the speech while Dark Ages is minimized and you can set the line/sec variable.
DATab Extractor

Source Code
This is a program that will create a Tab Map of any map you like. The program is very quick and renders the Tab Map perfectly. It has a number of save type options that can be used as well as changing the back ground color to whichever color you wish--as well as transparent(please read the help for more information). Also a built in scale feature allows you to save your maps at any dimension you like. Finally a small preview picture is displayed allowing you to see a thumbnail of the map before you work with it. Please enjoy this program!
DAMI Creator

Source Code
This is a Darkages.exe multiple instance alteration program creator made by myself. Will work with any version of darkages.exe.
My New HTML Ascension Calculator in a downloadable zip.
My old DA-Ascension Calculator (Flash) in a downloadable executable.

Other DA-Program's

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The complete stop for most Dark Ages Programs.

Here are other Dark Ages programs that I find particularly useful.
Renders any Dark Ages map file you like. Very useful.
Just all the Dark Ages Map files in one zip file. Useful if you need to look at an undownloaded map, or hate waiting for the load.
Used to convert binary data to a Base64 String. Contains compression options. Use to manually update DA's sotp.dat for DAData.xml.