Bio and DA-Wizard's Stuff
Here is a spin off of Macho Monk's Awesome Intro: please enjoy. Big thanks for making this *huggles*, I hope I see more soon.
This is a complete Biography of BioMagus's life from the beginning to now. In this entry is also a large amount of History of Temuair.


Hello, I am BioMagus (Biothean M'agus) creator of this site and leader of Cult de Carrot. I was born in Deoch 5, and dreamt of becoming a wizard ever since. On my journey as a wizard I encountered many other joys in my experience of Dark Ages. Currently I am a Summoner and exploring what it means to call oneself such. I hope to see you in Dark Ages and be safe.

Please feel free to visit my past webpages and lores available in the links section. Also please e-mail or use the Contact Forum (top) with any information that is incorrect, so I may fix it: I would greatly appreciated it. Feel free to use the Contact Form/e-mail me any time you like for any reason as well. See you in Dark Ages.


BioMagus Stats and Other

Biothean's Statistics
Biothean's Spells
1. Pian na Dion (Lev: 100/100)
2. Mor Fas Nadur (Lev: 100/100)
3. Ard Creag Nadur (Lev: 100/100)
4. Ard Puinneag Spiorad (Lev: 100/100)
5. Mor Strioch Bais (Lev: 100/100)
6. Mor Strioch Pian Gar (Lev: 100/100)
7. Ard Leasaich Srad (Lev: 100/100)
8. Ard Leasaich Athar (Lev: 100/100)
9. Dachaidh (Lev: 100/100)
10. Luathas Prayer (Lev: 100/100)
11. Athar Meall (Lev: 100/100)
12. Athar (Lev: 100/100)
13. Beag Athar (Lev: 100/100)
14. Mor Strioch Bais Lamh (Lev: 100/100)
15. Ard Srad (Lev: 100/100)
16. Ard Athar (Lev: 100/100)
17. Ard Creag (Lev: 100/100)
18. Ard Sal (Lev: 100/100)
19. Ard Leasaich Sal (Lev: 100/100)
20. Ard Leasaich Creag (Lev: 100/100)
21. Spion Torradh (Lev: 100/100)
22. Summon Luathas Creature (Lev: 100/100)
23. Athar Gar (Lev: 100/100)
24. Athar Lamh (Lev: 100/100)
25. Beag Athar Lamh (Lev: 100/100)
26. Mor Strioch Bais Meall (Lev: 100/100)
27. Mor Srad (Lev: 100/100)
28. Mor Athar (Lev: 100/100)
29. Mor Creag (Lev: 100/100)
30. Mor Sal (Lev: 100/100)
31. Guild Lecture (Lev: 0/100)
32. Mentor (Lev: 0/100)
33. Nis (Lev: 0/100)
Biothean's Skills
1. Analyze Item (Lev: 0/100)
2. Potion Lore (Lev: 0/100)
3. Herbal Lore (Lev: 0/100)
4. Magic Lore (Lev: 0/100)
5. Look (Lev: 0/100)
6. Throw (Lev: 100/100)
7. Mend Staff (Lev: 100/100)
8. Assail (Lev: 100/100)
9. Weild Staff (Lev: 0/100)
Biothean's Items
1. This is the Section which contains my 4 elemental necklaces (sometimes I have a Jade Elemental Set or Amber Elemental Set, but I usually find these much more easier to use, seeming that you can usually just glance at it and see what the element is).

2. This is my main section, which is usually filled with fior or other items found on my hunts.
3. This is my most important section. It contains all the items which never change for me. I have my normal (3) Red Potions (which usually goes into my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th slots when I hunt) with 1 Brown (heal), and 1 Poison Cure. It has my Dark Necklace (this ones Amber), and my 3 Luathas items (Prayer Necklace, Symbol, and Staff). It has my Lev 60 Nightmare Quest armor and my Master Armor with me little Serpent of Darkness tucked away in her favorite corner.