Other useful links of Dark Ages webpages. If what you seek is information of other classes or general information on other aspects of Dark Ages, you shall find all your needs fulfilled with these links.

Class Specific Sites

The first and only Warrior lore. Created by Vamistle, check it out for all information about the Warrior Class.
Taliesin's guide for the rouge.
But for a handy chart on monk meditation go here.

General Dark Ages Information Sites

Dark Ages Homepage and General Information. Also very extensive library section of player made articles. Also check out the Dark Ages Manual.
Kru's Homepage, Company that runs Dark Ages (formally Nexon). Latest Dark Ages news and DA Store is found here.
Player run history of Dark Ages. Very extensive depths of background information.
A file mirror created by Kiomi. Very nice and detailed information, some very unique information.
A lot of dyes and color of armors Dark Ages has to offer.
Macho Monk's comics and movie collection. DA's Best Comic!
Splish's detailed lore on the Lost Ruins.

Bulletin Board Sites

General Dark Ages content Bulletin Board.

Dark Ages Library Wizardry References

Bard Teger.
Bard Bellina.
Poet Magerum.
The original history of Temuair.
The basic timeline of Dark Ages. Most information achieve from this.
Historian Tasec.
Historian Shota, very nice History entree.
Historian Veneficus.
Historian Chamise.
Historian Logoth.
Philosopher Kedian.
Philosopher Sophocles.
Philosopher Deksar.
Philosopher Chupaca's nicely illustrated magic theory.
Older lore for wizards constructed by Xilan. A lot of theory.
Larsius information on Fas Nadur.
Artist Agrus, a beautiful picture of the Seal Breakers.
Artist Noelle, Awesome drawing.
Artist Unknown, nicely drawn.
Artist Unknown.
Artist JubeiX.
Artist Kamiomi.
Artist Lamika.

Bio's Old/Other Sites

Cult de Carrot's Guild Page.
Lore contest winner. Cthonic Remain Lore, Mundane Names and some other fun stuff. Hosted by Dark Ages.
A Story I won a contest for. Hosted by Dark Ages.
Won Art Award. Hosting by Dark Ages.
A 3D animation movie, won Art Award. Hosting by Dark Ages (2MB).
This is a complete Biography of BioMagus's life from the beginning to Deoch 63. In this entree is also a large amount of History of Temuair.
Some pictures of us breaking the Seal of Temuair.

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