History of BioMagus:
The Path of a Hunter

by BioMagus in Dark Ages

This is a short tale about a handful of experiences and people who have touch BioMagus throughout the ages.

First Cycle Ė Deoch 1 to 8
Birth of a Heretic

The Aisling spark known as BioMagus was born in Deoch 4, forged from the Mundane birth in Suomi, Before Deoch 10. During the chaos time of Deoch 4, there was a delay until the sparks could be controlled. Using this time BioMagus studied her future craft as a Wizard, researching the most influential works of the time. Kedian with his Wizard Lore was chosen to be BioMagusís mentor and guide. As Deoch 5 came to be, the sparks were released and so BioMagus began her path studying the Arcane Arts. Kedian being unavailable as a new mentor forced Bio to choose a new option: Acinorev. Acinorev was slightly higher in her Arcane Arts and another very influential Wizard of the time. Acinorev assisted Bio in her studies as a Wizard and helped her start her journey. BioMagus life started that day as an Athar Mage.

BioMagusís path as a Wizard encountered an obstacle during her first half moon. Hunting in the Enchanted Garden, BioMagus was suddenly thrown and restrained at Mileth outskirts. Confused she saw Kedian in a red suit of a law enforcer. After speaking with him, he recognized BioMagus as the sparkís soul who spoke with him about his Wizardry Lore not too long ago. He explained how BioMagus was heretical and this is why she was banished. He also recognized mentor Acinorev who was a fellow Guildsmate of Kedian and after debate decided to unbind the restraints on BioMagus and released her from her banishment.

BioMagus discovered this day she was actually born a heretic. Still a young Aisling and not much behind her she contemplated suicide. After much pondering BioMagus decided to continue on as a heretic and with this decision a new thirst to prove her name began. Kedian and BioMagus started a special bond this day. The influential Wizard she once saw mixed with her jailer. There was no hatred in this bond and BioMagus always respected Kedian as one of the most influential Wizards of her life.

*    *    *

One of the first tasks Bio began was her role in her religion: Luathas. Luathas was a great Wizard in the past and became a God because of the dedication to his class. Religion and hunting both were implanted into Bioís heart. Wizards were by far not the strongest class of Temuair, nevertheless BioMagus continued on what she had to do. One of the most powerful memories she holds of this time is her five witch hunt. Close friends Ulanda and Heather joined BioMagus in an all Wizard hunt of East Woodlands. This was one of the first moments Bio saw what she knew in her heart: how strong wizards really are. As the five Witches of Temuair hunted that one day, Bio enjoyed the Magika that she controlled. This was one of the last days BioMagus hunted with the Witches of Temuair.

Current popular Guilds at the time would include Runic Terra. Some members included, Kedian, Etienne, Acinorev and Cliona; all respected in their fields of study. A Deoch passed by and in Deoch 6, an opportunity for BioMagus to first become recognize in an event occurred. The religious Calling Stones started to appear in the new area, Pravat Cave. All the Religions of Temuair competed against each other collecting these stones and giving them to the Goblins or Grimloks of Pravat. Giving religious items and other tasks also helped the side each religion chose. BioMagus, following Luathas, collected stones day and night. When the time came Luathas, not the strongest religion at the time, became first in the Grimlok Calling Stone War. Luathas was rewarded with being given a Summonable Creature to fight for them. Luathas gained a greater appreciation throughout Temuair and BioMagus was recognized as a General of Luathas for her hard work by the Priestess of Luathas. Luathas enemy, Ceannlaidir, became the champions of the Goblins and placed second in the war.

*    *    *

The rise of Rucesion occurred during Deoch 6 as well and was a dark period of BioMagus life. She started her political mission early in her path, achieving Respected Citizen quickly and continued in politics throughout her Guardship. During her political duties she often flaunted around in a wedding dress. This was seen as taunting in the eyes of some of the other Guards of Mileth. BioMagus's political clout was first wielded in Deoch 6. The wielder was Xilan: a rival wizard of BioMagus. Unaware of any ill-intentions between Xilan and herself, she was hit with a surprise.

Xilan ended up publishing many great works involving the Arcane Arts in Temuair. He married Lethalia a great priest of Ceannlaidir.

This was not the beginning of BioMagusís harsh experience in politics. Not too shortly after the incident, Rogue Rookerin became political adversaries with BioMagus. Bio thrived in the thirst of the hunt and the techniques of politics did not come naturally to her. BioMagus was secretly removed from office by Rookerin. In the mean time the new Aisling city Rucesion: City of the Wind, started to become colonized by Aislings looking to start anew. After BioMagusís harsh dealings with Mileth Politics and not too much more to look forward to in Mileth, she decided to move to the City of the Wind. After her dark experiences in Mileth, she thrived to become a new Mage: A Dark Athar Mage.

The Dark Athar Mage felt at home in the City of Wind. The city was close to the Luathas temple and she was surrounded by new dedicated friends: Bio thrived in Rucesion. BioMagus ended up achieving both Burgess and Judge in Rucesion but was never well known for her political achievements in her life.

*    *    *

BioMagus continually worked hard to achieve her goals in Deoch 7. The Astrid Salvation and Jacqueline of Loures events both occurred in this period. Her heretic name was starting to become popular among the citizens of Temuair. This popularity was not completely due to her events and political achievements, but rather her quick ascension of insights she had been achieving. BioMagusís hunting experience was going well, pasting her mentor, Acinorev, in her forties. This achievement was one of the highest achievements in BioMagusís path; this was also one of BioMagusís loneliest experiences. As she continued her hunting she left her great friends Ulanda and Heather behind. Bio climbed the ladder of power and as she would look back and see everyone farther behind her. BioMagus learned another great lesson; your hunting partner becomes one of your greatest friends. Even though BioMagus respected her friends greatly, she spent less and less time with them.

Wizards at the time had very little Magika damage power. It seems as one climbed higher the Magika strength lost its power. A new spell was soon discovered: Fas Nadur. This would become one of the most used spells in the future. The initial Fas was uncontrolled. Aislings knowing little about the strength of the elements could not understand the true power of Fas. As the spell changed dramatically in its first moon of existence, it eventually settled. It was used as an Aisling only spell to provide defensive strength to the user. Even though Fas would not be discovered as a great offensive power until later, Wizards had what they needed to achieve greater ranks. Fas later would be split into three versions of the spell.

The end of the first cycle ended in the start of the greatest event Temuair was to see. Eulogy began in Deoch 8 and was to set the setting stones for the popular Adoration of Danaan, which would begin in Deoch 12 and follow every 8 Deochs later (12, 20, 28, 36, 44, 52, 60 and 68). BioMagus started to establish herself in her Religion and became great friends with Priestess Moiraine, who would eventually become a High Priestess of Luathas and assist BioMagus along her Path of the Wizard.

Second Cycle Ė Deoch 9 to 16
Recognition into a Dark Heart

A lot of BioMagusís experience in her hunting came from other sources. Sevti Blossoms would give a great amount of experience and could be repeated as often as one liked. One stage Bio even constructed a ďBring our Wizards to 99 FoundationĒ where the donations of blossoms were greatly appreciated. Mentoring Aislings would give 750k experience as well and was used greatly to achieve insights. These forms of experience are what would raise BioMagus during her later insights. At this same time Xilan was one of the few Wizards close to BioMagus insight. Near the end it would almost become a race between him and Bio for the first wizard to achieve the highest insight possible. Many other classes have already achieved 99. Warrior Faeron, being the first to achieve 99, was far ahead of most other Aislings in Temuair.

Xilan having his wife Lethalia as a hunting partner had a great advantage over BioMagus. During this time a very different hunting style was necessary. Often wizards would not be needed and be taken as extra weight.

One of the greatest hunts BioMagus remembers would be deep Kas Mine hunts, which could last well over 24 hours. A large group would thrust their way down Kas Mines and find a corner to sleep in once the group would become too tired to continue. They would continue the next day at the same location and hunt deeper down the Mines. New staffs dropped in Kas Mines at the time.

*    *    *

In her early 90ís BioMagus often would hunt with Rogue Taliesin in Dubhaimid Castle. Rogues were given Maiden Trap that was extremely powerful. This slow hunting was very common in Temuair. Xilan and BioMagus slowly approached towards the goal of 99. BioMagus became the first Wizard to insight 99; Xilan followed soon after. The female Wizard 97 armour was weak at the time; Bio was told this was due to the fact of the armourís skankyíness. BioMagus then lived as the skanky Wizard for some time. Achieving this insight was a great achievement that made Bio thrust for more power. After this accomplishment Bio urged for more hunting glory, which would not stop for Deochs to come. Soon a new hunting area: Cthonic Remains would be discovered in Deoch 12. This became one of the main hunting areas throughout Temuair.

*    *    *

BioMagus's sisters were born early in the Deochs. One of her favourite sisters was Priestess Lika who often assisted in masses and other duties for BioMagus. Out of BioMagus family though, her sisters were always of little importance. Bio thrived in battle and hunted to achieve her power: her family has little to do with this. Lika ended up dying and a new priestess was born in this cycle: Karena, Bioís youngest sibling of the time.

BioMagus became recognized in a number of ways during this cycle. This cycle was the time she achieve both Judge and Burgess of Rucesion politics. She has won awards in the past, but this cycle was the main form of her recognizing in the academic arts. She won her three recognized awards with her final Aisling recognition in Deoch 20. This was also the birth of Cult de Carrot in Deoch 10. Warrior Hoi and Priestess Allita asked BioMagus to help with their vision for a new Guild: Cult de Carrot. With the help of BioMagus who was to be Guild Leader and Founders: Hoi and Allita, the dream was discovered. Cult de Carrot had a number of influential members of Temuair including Warrior Emeralda, but after Hoi and Allitaís death Cult de Carrot was abandoned by many. BioMagus continued to live in her abandoned Guild, but it would not be revived until many Deochs later.

Monk Fireborn and Warrior UnityMike were great friends of BioMagus during this cycle. During Deoch 11 Fireborn would spark BioMagusís darkest period in her history. She gave her hand to her first and only marriage: to Fireborn. The Marriage was a very large marriage, with many gifts and celebrations to the newly wed couple. A few Deochs pasted and Fireborn soon died. Before his death he divorced BioMagus to free her of any commitment: this became another dark period in BioMagus history. BioMagus grew a black heart this day and her hair became as black as her heart.

Class rededication came out in this period as well. Bio often pondered about becoming a Rogue. The stealth and sneak attacks they were experts at intrigued her. After long pondering she knew what is always in her heart was wizardry. She could not give wizardry up and thus stayed pure. If the choice was given to her when she was a young Aisling, BioMagus probably would be a Rizard to this day.

*    *    *

After the birth of BioMagusís Guild, the third Mileth Fair was soon hosted in Deoch 13. King Bruce would auction off his Pet Dog as an award to the highest bidder and Aislings were encouraged to start preparing for it. The fair began and BioMagus had achieved 30 million coins from help of her friends and hunting partners. The auction turned out to be another fierce battle Bio was unaccustomed to. She bid all her money and was using items to bid higher. The bidding was tight against Priest Max up till 58 million. As BioMagus bid 60 million coins, she beat Max and won the battle. With only 30 million physical coins, the rest of the money was made up with Love Bouquet (a rare item at the time and was decided to be of 500k each). With this, BioMagus became the first and only owner of Ghislain: King Bruceís pet dog.

Other influential friends of this cycle were Vamistle who applied to be Fair King alongside BioMagus. Older friends included Wizard Scar (Sarc) and Shalena. Bentic and his wife Angelic became important parts of BioMagusís path. Hunters Swinky, Garland and Ghost were of the strongest bashers in Temuair. Role player Deksar also bonded with BioMagus throughout the cycle. Runic Terra started to loose much of their influence as time proceeded, although a number of other Guilds started to achieve greater heights. Tuatha de Danaan, ruled by Bentic was a popular guild. Sgrios ruled Anaman Pact, born Deochs before, gained a lot of control. Warrioth Clan and SunMoon also were popular hunting Guilds. Later a Guild by the name of AcadamiArcanus would be born, destined to be a Wizard only Guild devoted purely to knowledge intrigued BioMagus. The most popular religion at the time would be Ceannlaidir with High Priest and Priestess Omner and Angelic: two Aislings who would also leave their mark in Temuairian History.

Near the end of this cycle BioMagus started to loose her will to hunt. Health and mana was achieved but soon seemed fruitful. Spells were achieved, mastered and perfected. Politics and recognitions seemed to have all been achieved. To BioMagus as she lost her will to hunt she lost her will to continue.

Third Cycle Ė Deoch 17 to 24
The Return of a Disciple

Deochs passed and BioMagus was no-where to be seen. She disappeared from all of Temuair when she lost her will to hunt. From the beginning of the new cycle the great task of Mastering started and shortly after the ability to purchase master stats came with it. The word of Mastering came to BioMagus's ear and she was once again born anew. She returned with the furry to achieve what was to be achieved: to prove her name once more. Upon her return Dynasty was one of the most popular Guilds at the time.

BioMagusís thirst for hunting was revived. She returned without a black heart and when she came back her hair turned blue once again. Even though Mastering had been out for a bit BioMagus began her Mastering mission immediately. In little time BioMagus achieved the status of Master in Deoch 17 and started her hunting once again. Bio continued her hunting, together with her partners, to achieve greater heights.

Also when she returned Necromancy was born. In Deoch 17, BioMagus became a Necromancer, which she still follows as of today. Many promises were made throughout the Deochs of Necromancy enhancements of Pian and more: none of these enhancements saw the light of day. Following the growth of Necromancy a rip into the Chaos dimension was revealed.  A new race revealed themselves at this time: The Druids.  They appeared at the back of the Enchanted Garden to guide Aislings of current dangers in Temuair.  They soon spoke of Necromancy, Chaos and the Monolith.  After this time, the Druids would become a forgotten part of Temuair's history. 

A Monolith appeared at the back of Pravat Cave. To break the Monolith Aislings must collect three rare items: Vipers Venom, Sacred Wax and Granite, each item needed a plethora of smaller items to construct. Many Viper Glands and Raw Wax were needed to make the first two items. Granite required 50 Black Stones from Cthonic Remains. Bio was about to break the Monolith, just requiring the Black Stones to finish, when another unknown Aisling defeated the Monolith. With his defeat he unleashed the hunting area Chaos onto Temuair: a 12 area Master only hunting destination which would become one of the most difficult hunting areas throughout Temuair. Later on Chaos would be expanded to 34 areas.

* The Meeting of a New Hunting Partner: Zephaine *

In the second cycle, BioMagus found some of her greatest hunting partners. New allies BioMagus made were Zephaine a pure priest and Victorious a warrior born monk, believed to be one of the strongest Aislings of Temuair. BioMagusís next goal was max stats: long hours of hunting soon achieved this. Often Bio remembers the time she spent hunting Cthonic Remains with Victorious and Zephaine. Near Deoch 21 BioMagus achieve max stats. Whether she was the first is still in debate. Some believe another was the first with max stats, but no name was ever given. Victorious soon after max his stats. Bio found her attributes changing dramatically like the wind. It was decided by Bioís elemental ruler, Athar that she would be forbidden to speak her ever changing attributes out loud. Bio became an all elemental Mage this cycle, but her ties always remain with Athar.

Deoch 21 the new Aisling town of Tagor was revealed, again due to the increase darkness the Necromancers were spreading. Tagor started a now dead political system that would include a Sheriff of Tagor. Even though this political system was abandoned, Tagor ended up being the headquarters for the relatively new political system: Rangers. Rangers would hunt through Temuair seeking sleep-hunters and other criminals. Twila was appointed the first Ranger in Deoch 18.

*    *    *

Early in the 20th Deoch a war started: the Light-Dark War of Temuair. Pashura and Krytos were chosen by the Gods to represent the Light and Dark respectively. Pashura choose BioMagus as one of her Light Disciples. The war was very frightening for BioMagus. There would be a series of tests each side would have to compete against and the winner would be awarded with a boon for each test won. The boon would be anything within the Mundanes power.

The first test was the Chrysalis: random people in Temuair would receive the Chrysalis gem and would be given a choice on whom to give it to. The Light and Dark would collect these gems from the Aislings and whoever could collect the most would win this match. The Dark side announced immediately they would not participate in this event. The Light was unsure if this was a tactic to confuse us or legit. Many people believed they announced it because they thought they could not win, although some believe they could have bought the Chrysalis if needed. In the end Light won this test with 35 Chrysalis: the Dark achieve 2.

The second battle was the Kick the Kobold competition. It was basically a game of soccer with a Kobold. Light won the first match with the help of Victorious. Unexpectedly Krytos started to verbally attack the Mundanes ranting on about his rights as a "US Citizen", and soon left. During the second game Krytos was unable to make it, although the victory was given to the Dark anyway. The third match Light took the battle and thus victory of the second test was given to the Light.

The next battle was a Kelberoth Hunt: each side would hunt the Kelberoth in Temuair. In the end each side killed one Kelberoth and a tie breaker was to be given. A battle between one Light and one Dark member was to occur. Light and Dark chose Monk Victorious and Wizard Kezril respectively. The battle occurred and in the end Victorious won. Some believe Victoriousís victory was unfair due to the fact he used Glioca Prayer and used other creatures to enhance his draco tail kick. In the end Light had won all three battles and Dark won none.

Chadul was furious and created a time of chaos for all Aislings. Aislings could be killed by each other all over Temuair... only houses were safe. Gemstones were created as the Light and Dark Disciples awoke. These had to be taken to the Dwarf in Abel to stop this chaos. The Light disciples did so and thus ended the Light-Dark War. None of the three boons chosen were ever granted. Instead a quest was released: Cap of Danaan and with the help of Pashura and Etienne became the boon the light was granted.

Fourth Cycle Ė Deoch 25 to 32
A Time of Celebration

The following Deochs would be well known for the number of Fairs that would occur. The last Mileth Fair was held in Deoch 13 and in Deoch 23 another would take place. Following this reopening of the Mileth Fair a series of Fairs would be released throughout this cycle. Kings Bruceís hunt for the reward of Loures Signet Rings would be reintroduced, as well as the Undine Rebels similar quest for Black Pearl Rings. This time of celebration was much needed after the dark periods of previous events.

Oren would be founded in Deoch 27. This was another celebration of this cycle. In the future Oren would be the foundation of the popular Oren Ball. The pirate quest and Oren Sewer quest would be revealed with this discovery. Yazuka, Dynastyís inherited Guild would become popular in this cycle and later KoS would achieve similar heights.

*    *    *

Among this time of peace would be one of BioMagus greatest hunting exhibitions. BioMagus would use this time with Zephaine to achieve great amounts of mana and health. A pure version of the Wizard Master Staff was revealed and altered a few times to provide 0-line spells. This gave pure Wizards a huge advantage over their rededicated counterparts and became the edge needed to later defeat the Elemental Creants.

BioMagus continued her massive hunting spree. Late in the cycle the first two Grand Master quests were released: Medusa and Phoenix. BioMagus achieved these as soon as possible in Deoch 32. The start of the Grand Master quests sparked the released of a very unique event that would be released in the next cycle: Breaking the Seal of Temuair.

Fifth Cycle Ė Deoch 33 to 40
Breaking the Seal of Temuair Ė The Path to Medenia

The start of this cycle began with the release of the final two Grand Master Quests: Shamensyth and Taurn. Even though these completed BioMagusís status as a Grand Master, this release was important as a hunting value as well. Zephaine and BioMagus began to tilt their eye to the hunting potential of Mount Giragan. The creatures here were ideal for wizard hunting and gave some of the best experience in Temuair. This with the 0-line pure master staff provided excellent experience hunting. This extensive hunting continued for a number of Deochs until the new Medenia hunting became revealed. Many look back on this period of BioMagusís history as blasphemous because using the pure staff, which would soon be taken away, was seen as an unfair advantage.

*    *    *

The Breaking of the Seal began with Law and his Dark Aisling Army in Deoch 34. It is said Cedric, a Burgess of Mileth, once traveled to the land of Medenia. When he arrived he was attacked by Law. Law took Cedricís identity and returned to Temuair. After a few Deochs he thus revealed his true identity and his intentions to rule Temuair. Aisling-like creatures started to attack the citizens of Temuair. However, the Dark Army was soon defeated and thus revealed the new quest that was to begin: Breaking the Seal of Temuair.

The quest was placed at the bottom of Lynith Sea. One would enter the area and be in the Guardian Room. Aislings would have to team up with one of each class to try to defeat each of the Guardians. Once they did so they would be allowed into the next area, but if they failed in that area and left, they would have to defeat the Guardians once again. In completing this event there was a promise that the path to the new continent of Medenia would be revealed.

Many tried the quest but little were successful. After a double moon of failure a great hint was given informing the Aislings the Tristar rings, from the Porte Forest quest which was released shortly ago for smaller Aislings, were needed to defeat the Guardians. With this hint a group of five all wearing Tristars would gain the ability to defeat the Guardians. The Guardians were still quiet difficult. The power of the pure Wizard staff came in handy to defeat these creatures. Krytosís group was one of the most dedicated to finishing the quest but realized they could not do it with a subbed wizard. Zephaine and BioMagus participated in the battles often with many groups and made it to the second part of the event: defeating the Elemental Creants. It was about two and a half double moons until the first group would arrive at the Elemental Creants. After the Guardianís weakness were discovered, BioMagus, Zephaine and Weakest, one of the strongest Warriors in Temuair at the time, would look for a group to finish the quest. One night with Akter and WarPanther, who were the Rogue and Monk that were around, we started the quest. Using mor strioch pian gar and the pure staff we were the first group who was able to reach the Seal Master that night. After a very hard battle, the Seal Masterís time expired and five minutes later he threw us out. We discovered we would have to be quick to defeat him. In the same night the same group got together and reached the Seal Master once again. Walking past Dragon Bridge, BioMagus remembers the excitement of the five Aislings entering the Seal Masterís chamber for the second time.

The battle was one of the most intense BioMagus ever felt. Under the time limit it was quite stressful. A block and mor strioch pian gar plan was thought to be best against him. Counting the five minute mark as we battled him, we were closing on 30 seconds left: the Seal Masterís health was nearly gone... BioMagus remembers commanding the group to break formation and attack the Seal Master with everything we had. Weakest quickly ran to the Seal Master and started attacking straight out. BioMagus backed off and relied on brown potions to heal and mor strioch pian gar. In what seemed to be seconds to the five minute mark the Seal Master was defeated... a sigh of relief came over the group and they were awarded the title ďBroke the Seal of TemuairĒ in Deoch 35. Law fled to Medenia but reminded the Aislings of Temuair this would not be the last they would hear of him.

Statues were raised of the Seal Breakers in Loures Harbour shortly after. One other critical event occurred at this time: the pure wizard staff was removed. Many blame BioMagus for the removal of the staff, showing the world that the pure wizard was too powerful with it. The Seal quest was defeated in three double moons. Because of the removal of the 0-line staff many saw BioMagus with an unfair advantage to achieve her power with an item that was remove from Temuair. Medenia would soon be released the following Temuairian summer and with it five new classes of Medenia would be discovered.

*    *    *

BioMagus began her journey as a Summoner soon after the Loures Harbour ferry started to take passengers to Medenia. Even though Summoner was a new class, it was apparent the same Temuairian hunting values were needed to succeed in the Medenia class. This time in BioMagus's history was mainly comprised of hunting with Zephaine and other Aislings in Medenia. The rest of this cycle was used to perfect BioMagus new class of Summoner. Extensive hunting of ability points was done, but would not explode until Andor was revealed.

Near the end of this cycle the Eingren Manor Quest started. This was a lengthy quest that awards the Demon Lord Notes as a prize. With the notes it was said to be possible to find the Dark Artifacts of Temuair. It would not be until many Deochs later that the first Wizard, Nefarious, would find the Dark Ring. BioMagus would extensively search for the Wizard Dark Artifact, not to find it until many moons later, in the fall of Deoch 66.

Sixth Cycle Ė Deoch 41 to 48
The Hunter's Call

The start of the cycle began with the announcement of Loures Politics: The Knights of Temuair, in Deoch 41. These Knights would have the Mundane's ear and solve problems around Temuair. Like political groups that were released in the past and new political groups that will be released in the future, BioMagus remains loyal to Rucesion and stays in the City of the Wind.

When Andor was revealed this continued the Medenia path BioMagus was to follow. Soon after Zephaine died and BioMagus new hunting partner became Priestess Beatryx. With Beatryx most hunting was done in Mount Giragan for health and mana: the Summoner hunting would advance to a point and then stall. Andor Dungeon was discovered in Deoch 44 and a little after this BioMagus turned to Temuairian hunting to better herself. BioMagusís sisters soon saw a thirst for battle and started to hunt in this period.

*    *    *

Each of BioMagus three sisters: Priest, Rogue and Monk took this time to achieve Master and become an expert in their respected class. Bioís sister Rogue became one of the best Tailors throughout Temuair, second only to Rogue Taliesin. After some time each perfected their spells and skill and achieved the most powerful stats they could. Later a Warrior was born into BioMagusís family... a class that was forbid to enter the family for quite some time. The Warrior sister thrived in her Magika family and mastered her abilities as well. The four sisters of BioMagus became masters of their class in hope to stand with BioMagus one day. This conquest of the sisters followed throughout the sixth cycle and into the seventh. With the conquest of the sisters, BioMagus particularly focused her strength into the Mileth College and taught classes from time-to-time to become Lady of the Arts, which was achieved in Deoch 46.

The Loures Invasion of Goblins occurred in Deoch 44. This was a chaotic time for the citizens of Temuair. BioMagus was one of many who successfully defeated Loures against the Goblins. They attacked both sides of the Loures Castle but were quickly defeated back into the Grassy Fields.

Nearing the end of this cycle the Erbie Specie events occurred. At first a superabundance of Erbies were discovered throughout Temuair. Followed by this Aislings killed Erbies and soon an extinction of them occurred. Finally a quest to help revive the Erbie species occurred with Erbie Berries. BioMagus was won of the winners of the Erbie toy raffle: Ernie the Erbie sits with her often.

Again BioMagusís hunting partner perished and she was once again to be left alone in her thirst to prove herself. After Beatryxís death BioMagus would befriend Priestess Dekota: another great and influential Priest to BioMagus. Dekota and BioMagus would hunt a great deal together before she would follow the same path of the others.

Seventh Cycle Ė Deoch 49 to 56
Rebirth of Cult de Carrot

Again Deochs went by and most of the time involved the thirst for more power and more hunting. BioMagus thrived in hunting but also thirsted for knowledge. This period was full of the gathering and understanding of many things in Temuair. The start of BioMagus's tablet ((DA-Wizard.com)) occurred.

The rebirth of Cult de Carrot occurred shortly after. This birth was slow at first, little members were left... if not none. The initial acquiring of new members started very slowly, but after time new Councillors were issued and a new mission was discovered for the Guild: Cult de Carrot became a hunting Guild in Temuair. With this Cult de Carrot started to accept new members and started to regain its status in the World of Temuair. At first Cult de Carrotís rebirth would be slow, but after a number of Deochs Firewind would be introduced into the Guild and became a new Councillor of Cult de Carrot; after this time Cult de Carrotís rebirth would drastically grow. Firewind would become another good friend and hunting partner of BioMagus in the future. Hopefully Cult de Carrot would become one of the greatest hunting Guilds of Temuair after time.

One of the most notable events that occurred during this cycle was the announcement of Hwarone in Deoch 50. This was a critical point in BioMagus path of Summoner. With the new town a new hunting area was found: Fire Canyon. This allowed a much quicker ability hunting area and would be used by almost all Aislings following the path of their Medenia class. BioMagus would extensively hunt here. After a great number of Deochs pasted Dekota finally perished.

*    *    *

During this cycle a new Education System was establish. This new system allowed Aislings to achieve recognition marks more easily. After the system was tweaked a number of times, it finally settled down to what is today. Peasants were also acknowledged in Deoch 55; Naze being one of the most famous 99 peasants and the first contest host in the new Education System, would be able to achieve her ďAisling of TalgoniteĒ mark and thus ascend health and mana points.

Nearing the end of this cycle, BioMagus achieve her last Aisling mark: Aisling of Mythril. This mark was a great accomplishment due to the fact BioMagus gave up mentoring long ago when her heart turned black. Accepting new mentorees sparsely and mentoring old time students, BioMagus acquired the 200 required for the mark and thus mastered her metals. The Loures Canals were released in Deoch 55 provided a difficult but lucrative hunting option for BioMagus.

Eighth Cycle Ė Deoch 57 to 64
Thrusting into the Medenia Path

At the beginning of Deoch 57, an expansion to Hwarone was added: Veltain Mines. This was much like Loures Canals, a difficult but lucrative hunting area. New items were added, but the most valuable to BioMagus was the discovery of the Veltain Staff. The new staff would reduce spell lines by two and be one of the best staffs at her disposal.

Returning to Temuair, Deoch 59 started the released of the epic quest: Arsaidh Aon. This quest reminded BioMagus on what her goal is: Ability 99. Upon the completion of this quest and defeating of the Dragon, a replica of an ancient staff is given. Another quest was released the following Deoch: Horse of the Gods. This allowed BioMagus to achieve her Luathas creature and unite her with another friend: Ghis. Currently Ghis protects BioMagus as much as he can.

Two major political systems were released in this cycle. The first was released in Deoch 61: Hwarone Politics. This unique system comprises of a Military side and a Delegate side. The second political system began in BioMagusís mundane home town of Suomi in Deoch 62. The town was announced to be the town of role players and the Suomi Troupe group was establish to enforce the rules in this town. BioMagus still remains and always will be loyal to the City of the Wind. Late in the cycle Suomi would be given their Inn and the Troupe would start to be a dominating force with Role-Playing events.

At the end of the cycle another great quest would be revealed: Reincarnation Event. Bio following what is in her heart would perform the Danaan Reincarnation and achieve the Light Shield. This was a proud moment in Bio's history, remembering past events as a Disciple of Light.

BioMagus started to hunt extensively in Medenia, leaving Fire Canyon for the deeper depths of Andor. In later Deochs she would master the area known as Andor and defeat the Queen. The end of this cycle was special. The octave is a very powerful force in Temuair and as this eighth cycle ended it would repeat and start the first over once again. Many great things are destined in the born anew age.

Born Again Age: The Repeat of the Cycles

Ninth Cycle Ė Deoch 65 to 72
Discovery of the Dark Ring... the Fall of a Queen

The cycle started off with a great bang. BioMagus would discover an object which she has been searching many Deochs for: The Dark Ring. She would find the Old Journal in the dirt of Tagor, fall of Deoch 66. Finishing and completing the quest would be one of the stages to closer perfecting BioMagus's arcane arts. The Dark Ring, being one of the most powerful items available to Wizards, would assist Bio in defeating many future bosses.

Another great achievement would occur in the Born Again Age, the achievement of the fortieth ability. The most unknown depths of Medenia at the time would be the wonders of the Ant Kingdom: Andor. Warrior Thannis would be the first to reach this ability and battle the Ant King and Queen; soon after BioMagus would follow to attempt the same feat. Achieving this ability was a proud yet sad day for Bio. After knowing what is beyond the last floor of Andor, nothing else would be left to discovered, no new challenges to look forward to. The challenge on the last floor of Andor was no light task though. The Ant King and Ant Queen would be difficult opponents and would give quite lucrative items to be sold and used. She would often hunt the Queen with many new ability 40 Aislings, one most notable would be long time friend Monk StarMaiden.

This would be the opportunity for Bio to achieve another personal mission of hers that she had ever since the achievement of the King's Pet: Ghislain. With the newly found items from Andor, BioMagus was able to acquire the final pet she needed for her collection. Bio has always had a fascination of pets and collected every pet she could get her hands on. During this time, Bio was able to achieve the hardest pet that she was unable to collect: The Pet Crab. With the completion of her pet collection she took the title "Temuair Pet Master", previously solely held by Rogue Fishfood. Together they hold the most complete pet collection from all the lands.

*    *    *

Medenia would soon release its unique religious system: Medenian Spirits. At first only two of the Medenia Spirits would be released: Earth and Fire. Bio who was always an Athar Mage in her heart waits for the Wind Spirit to bless the lands of Medenia. Soon the Water Temple would be found in Deoch 70 and with it the release of the Water Spirit. A similar hunting ground to that of Canals and Veltain Mines would be released with this: Water Dungeon. This would give the hunters of this area the future combat gear of their class. Shortly after the Water Dungeon discovery BioMagus would claim and wear her Frock of Hwarone.

As new hunting areas arrived, BioMagus continues to hunt and master them the best she can. Currently as BioMagus rises in ability she hunts less and less for enhancements, and more and more for the new items of Andor and Water Dungeon. As she continues searching these deep depths of Medenia she hopes to find what she has been looking for since the beginning. BioMagus’s history is long and barely begun.

Biothean M'agus
Dark Athar Mage of Rucesion
Creator of the Tablet DA-Wizard.com