1. Maxium raise of HP/MP given Base and Experience.
Ascension HP MP Calculation (Increase)
Base HP  
Total Experience  
 2. Experience needed for HP/MP given Base and Desired.
 3. How many stats can be raised given current Experience.
 4. The Experience nessasary for a given number of stats to raise.
 5. Experience needed to Master or Sub in your Class.
 6. Experience needed to Max Stats.
 7. Medenia Level Advancment Calculator.


Ascending is a given for all classes of Temuair. After you have been given your 97 armor, you are free to ascend how much you would like to. This allows us to buy necessary hp to buy stats and also to raise our mp and hp in great amounts in exchange for experience.

To ascend you must get a Succubus Hair and throw it into the Mileth Altar. Once you have done this you will be vulnerable to other Aislings. Let yourself die and follow the west wall of the Sgrios chamber: you will be teleported to the Ascending Temples. Enter the top temple to meet Gramail and increase your mp or the bottom one to meet Deoch and increase your hp.

For HP the Formula for 50hp points: Base HP * 500
For MP the Formula for 25mp points: Base MP * 500

After you finish ascending, descend from the area and you will return back to Mileth. Above is an Ascension Calculator I created, use it to find out the information you seek.