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Wizardry Research

One of the main tasks of a wizard is research... the quest for divine knowledge is ever thirsty in their hearts. The first Wizardry Tasks is exactly this, Wizardry Research and this is can be done at the Mileth Wizard, Dars. Any wizard above insight 11 can perform any of these tasks, however a partner is always suggested with performing any research; not only does it greatly increase your chances of succeeding, but it also helps prevents death if failing. Failing can cause 3000hp, so be careful. The more research a wizard does, the higher their Wizardry Researcher will become in their legend.

When you enter between the tables, you will be asked to do general or specific research. General will do a random research, but has a much better chance of succeeding. There are many difference forms of Specific Wizardry Research and they will be discussed below:

Wizardry Research
Item Created
Items Required
Alchemy: The art of mixing parts to make a magical whole.
Smoky Sphere
Blue Powder
Potion of Life Restoration (reds)
Vipers Gland
Sorcery: The art of making magical connections.
Song of Home (random scrolls)
Parchment Scrolls (bought form dar)
Enchantment: The art of leaving magic's mark on the natural world.
Earrings (Coral, Ruby, Beryl, Gold, Silver)
Gems (Coral, Ruby, Beryl) or Coins
Enchanted Gauntlets (Magic, Might, Abundance, Blessed)
Leather or Iron Gauntlets
Analyze an Item: Study the properties of an item.
ID the Item
The Item


The second form of research is enchantment. Enchantment is a more advanced form of Dars enchanting. You can specify which kind of enchantment you would like to bestow on a selected item, however it also takes much more work. This is done in the towns of Abel, Undine, Suomi and Piet.

Visit the wizard of these towns to start the enchantment, you however need assistants and items; please find this information below. Please note some items have special enchantments: for example, enchanting an item that takes mana to magic will drastically reduce the mana taken from it (not just 50mp).

+5 Hit
Wolf Fur
Rogue and Wizard
+1 Dam
Scorpion Sting
Monk and Wizard
+100 Hp
Bats Wing
Warrior and Wizard
+50 Mp
Finished Ruby
Priest and Wizard

Blue Powder

The final task a wizard can perform is to create Blue Powder. Blue Powder is used for Rogues or Wizards to craft Smoke Bombs. To make Blue Powder you will have to speak with the Mileth Alchemist and bring him one of the items: Spider's Eye, Mantis Eye, Bat's Wing, Kobold's Skull, Goblin's Skull, Wolf's Teeth. After you bring him one of these items he will make a bunch of Blue Powders for you.