Herbalism is one of the wizardry arts that does not come naturally to a wizard. They must be higher in insight to learn the Herbal Lore: unlike priests and monks. Once a wizard does learn Herbal Lore, they can start to cultivate the many potions Herbal Lore has to offer. The most popular herbal spot is the Enchanted Garden in East Woods, which holds many of the plants needed to create these potions.

To start herbalism you first should have an assistant; with an assistant you will make more potions for the same amount of materials. You will also require a Cloth Glove bought from the Suomi Priestess: more information can be found in the equipment section. You will also require wine, which can be purchased in many taverns or higgled by a rogue. Equip the glove and head to the desired plant; walk through the plant and start the herbalism. Repeat for as much as your labor can withstand. The more potions you create, the higher your Herbalism will become in your legend mark. Below is the potions you can create.

Name of Potion
Plant to Cultivate
Item Required
Hydele Deum
Enchanted Garden
Restores Full HP
Personaca Deum
Enchanted Garden
Cures Poison
Betony Deum

Enchanted Garden
Casts Beag Naomh Aite
Fifleaf Deum
Mileth Doorways
Restores 400 HP
Hemloch Deum

Suomi Fields
Reduces to 1 HP
Ancusa Ceir
(Speckled Wax)
Undine Outskirts
Raw Wax
Belt with Fire Defense, Soothes Burns