Lost your way? Need to find the light... join a religion today and find yourself in a way you never thought you could. You have a choice of eight traditional religions throughout Temuair.

Religious Basics
Luathas Glioca Cail Deoch
Gramail Fiosachd Ceannlaidir Sgrios

Luathas - God of Gnosis (Knowledge)

Luathas is the God of Gnosis or Divine Knowledge. He is the person who keeps all our wizard ideals true with constant studying and sacrifice. The main reason a wizard should join Luathas is due to the divine knowledge he offers, allowing us to expand and explore our true power: Gnosis. You must have at least 5int to enter his temple.

Summon Luathas Creature
Creature Name
Creature Image
To join Luathas, you must seek a priest or higher of Luathas--please note Luathas does not willingly allow followers of Necromancy to join his religion. Go to the outskirts of Rucesion: City of the Wind and seek a priest at the temple. You will be tested about the knowledge of Luathas and upon succeeding, you will become Luathasian: Congratulations! You will be given a Prayer Necklace and Luathas Prayer. This is not the final step of becoming Luathasian, as a wizard you can advance to the title of Acolyte--with the help of a priest, if you have not won an Aisling award. Upon successful advancement to Acolyte you will also be given the ability to Summon Luathas Creature, which will be a Wasp, Spore or Polyp depending on your faith. Finally, items consecrated by this god will enhance the item by one intelligence.

+1Int Attribute to Items
God of Gnosis
Divine Knowledge and Wisdom
Rucesion Outskirts
Cail, Gramail
Deoch, Ceannlaidir

Supplications of Luathas

We worship Luathas and Luathas will bless us. These are the abilities Luathas bestows upon his loyal followers... use them for the light if you wish... or use them for the dark if you dare.

Spells Cast
Know This Object
Io Meas Comlha
Give divine description of item in first slot. Comlha doesn't work.
Destruction Ritual
Io Strioch Bais Gar
Converts mp to dark damage to whole screen.
Great Storm
Io Ard Athar Gar
Casts divine wind attack on all enemies.
Awaken and Clear Vision
Io Ceil Leir, Io Ceil Leir Comlha, Io Ao Pramh Comlha, Io Ao Suain Comlha, Io Ao Dall Comlha
Removes suain, dall, pramh, and allows group to see cloakers.
Inspire the Group
Io Fas Spiorad, Io Fas Spiorad Comlha
Converts hp to restore mp. Group not working.
Songs of the Shrine
Creates Rucesion scrolls.