Lost your way? Need to find the light... join a religion today and find yourself in a way you never thought you could. You have a choice of eight traditional religions throughout Temuair.

Religious Basics
Luathas Glioca Cail Deoch
Gramail Fiosachd Ceannlaidir Sgrios

Admittance into a Religion

As a citizen of Temuair, you should start thinking about the religion that is right for you as early as insight one. Once you reach the insight of 11 you may choose you religion and be admitted into it. Most religions require some sort of testing before you will be allow to join, so be prepared for the task and research the basics of the religion before you seek a priest to help you.

Once you reach the require insight and are admitted into a religion you'll discover a religious hierarchy. Initially you'll be a Worshipper, and you'll be granted a number of powers which you'll be able to perform. For individual religious powers please visit the related section on the religion. As a worshipper you'll be able to Give Thanks (Pray), Praise another, Seek Guidance, attend Religious Mass's of the faith an its allies, and undertake a Greater or Lesser Religious Geas, help heresy, and switch faith to an ally. You can also receive a Religious Staff or Holy Symbol of your god. Once you have established yourself as a valuable member you may attempt to become an Acolyte. For the Priest class, there are other Religious Degree's available to you. Please visit DA-Priest Section to see these options.


To become an acolyte you will need to have some faith in your religious. After you have the required faith, speak to a Priest or higher of the religion. Often some sort of test will be required. After the test is taken the priest will initiate you as an Acolyte of the religion for a double moon. If you are an Aisling Award Winner, you may initiate yourself as an Acolyte.

Acolytes have a few more powers they can perform. They will be able to perform Lesser Desecrations of items which are enemies of their god. This will remove an Enemy God from an item leaving it unaltered. They can also initiate heresy on a priest of the religion. The most notable advancement would be the bestowment of the spell "Summon Religious Creature". This will allow you to call a creature of the religion to come and fight for you.