Priest Tasks Herbalism

Altar Worshipping

One of the greatest joys a priest can achieve is worshipping her God at the Altar of Mileth. To participate in Altar Worshipping you must bring any item to the Altar. Approach the altar and drop the item in. You'll receive experience depending on the value and if done regularly enough a God will speak with you bestowing items or knowledge onto you. After many times you'll receive a legend mark for your service. Also from time to time a God will speak to you and bestow a ring of his onto you. Anyone may perform this service but only Priest shall receive the legend.

The altar has been here since the times of the Aosda. It is an ancient monument build to the deities, in hopes of gaining their attention. Blasphemous altars gain the attention of horrible things. This altar, though, attracts mostly the attention of the benevolent gods of Temuair.

Beothaich Cultivating

One of the most used tasks a Priest will perform is Beothaich Cultivating. During any hunt one will need Beothaich Deums to help their fellow comrades. To be able to cultivate you need 2 Grapes and 1 Cherry. You may buy these fruits at some of the bakeries throughout temuair, as well as harvest them in Suomi and Higgle them with a rogue.

When you are ready to start, go to East Woods Enchanted Garden or cast the spell "Beothaich" if you have it. Walk around the spot, or around the two large trees a little north of the entrance of the Garden. You'll be asked if you with to mix the Faerie Liquor. Say yes and you will make Red Potions or Beothaich Deums. Sometimes the fruits leaving you with Wine instead of reds.

Churchly Powers

Finally another power Priests are granted is authority in the Churches of Temuair. As a Priest you will be able to join two Lover's in Holy Matrimony as well as join two Lovers in a Holy Glade.

Within the Church you'll be able to perform a Marriage with two Aislings. To begin this process give a Sermon, and once you are done speak with the Church attendant. Tell him the two names and once they accept that they are committed they will be joined. Other Churchly Powers you are given is the Power to perform Divorces and Banish Aislings from the Church.

If you wish to perform a connection of Love between two Aisling, you will want to go to the Lover's Glade in the East Corner of the Enchanted Garden. Just walk around the Northern part of the Glade and a Fae will speak with you. Powers you are granted are: Performing Romantic Lover Glade, Heartbroken and Banish a Aisling from the Glade.