Welcome to DA-Wizard. This is a project specializing in Wizard and Summoner for the mmorpg Dark Ages. The site does contains information for all ten class's, navigable via the buttons at the top right, but specializes with the path of Wizardry. Wizards are Dark Ages most powerful and versatile class and they thrive in any situation. With this site I hope to expand the knowledge of Wizards and other information of Temuair. Please learn well.

News and Information

07-11 :: YT Item Updates
Hello Everyone! I have finally put the YT items up in their sections. All the items have been identified by myself. Please let me know if there are any mistakes. Hopefully more updates on other sections will be coming soon. Also cleaned up some of the links in the Links section. Again if you notice any broken links make sure to let me know. Enjoy and be safes!

03-27 :: Random Updates
Hey everyone. I have updated some more sections of the site with new info. Enjoy!

03-20 :: March Events
Hello everyone! March events are out so be sure to check those out. I am in the process of updating obsolete information throughout the site. Please be sure to give me any information which you fine to be incorrect so I may confirm. Other than that enjoy the new events and stay safe! Of course any suggestions are always welcome!

06-10 :: DA-Programs XML Updated to 7.28
The new DAData.xml has been updated for the 7.28 client. Only a single pointer changed, so the previous DAData.xml will work for most programs. Download the file from the Programs Section. Enjoy! Please make sure to let me know of any problems with any programs you find on my site. Thanks, and enjoy the new client!

11-16 :: AoEnchanter Updated!
The AoEnchanter has been updated to version It will now work with the Assassin's Cross.

10-17 :: Programs Update to 7.25!
The programs were updated again. You just have to redownload the DAData.xml and replace this with your current one as before.

10-17 :: Programs Update to 7.24!
Heyas! The programs were updated for the new version of DA released recently. You just have to redownload the DAData.xml and replace this with your current one. No need to redownload the physical exes. Enjoy the new programs, and remember if you fine any errors, let me know. Thanks, enjoy the new client and be safes!

05-06 :: Lost Ruins Update!
Hello Everyone! Lost Ruins updates have been added... Quest, Items and rearranged some other stuff to fit the Trinkets section. Enjoy... any info that needs to be added please message me!

02-04 :: Hello Everyone!
Long time!! Just letting everyone know, I been updating little errors throughout the site, as always. Appreciate all the corrections I receive through email! Anyway be safe and enjoy!

10-31 :: Halloween Items Updated
The Halloween Items from the "Trick-or-Treat Bag" and the "Macabre Box" are finally added to the site. Also a summery of the items are available at the bottom of the Knowledge Section! Enjoys!

09-19 :: DA Programs 7.22 Updated
The DAData.xml has been updated with the new Darkages 7.22 pointers. Only this file has to be downloaded and replaced for the programs to work like normal. Enjoy, and if you have any problems make sure to contact me.

08-16 :: DA Programs 7.21 Updated + Web Updates
Heya's all! Lots of updates happening. Firstly a huge number of small updates around the site. Little bits have been added and corrected from suggestions and corrections from the users. Thanks everyone! Also new information has been added throughout the site including missing quests. Secondly ALL the programs have been updated to a new core system. They all now read pointer information from a standard XML file. This means with version changes, programs will not have to be recompiled and redownloaded, instead just re-download the new DA-XML file with the new pointer info and everything will work normally. Hopefully you enjoy, the Programs have been updated with Vista enhancements and tweaks/fixes here and there as well. With the new system, version numbers have been changed to reflect the core. Ciao's!

06-23 :: Web Updates
Hi Hi's!!! So I been updating various stuff around the site. All corrections have been updated now that I have got from people. I will be updating Maps and Programs soon with more up-to-date stuff. Also be sure to send type corrections or any other information you like so that I can update it. I have a few feature requests that I do not have time for now but hopefully in the future will get to. Be safes and thanks!

04-25 :: Web Update
Hello everyone. Lots happening behind the scenes in DA-Wizard.com. Hopefully it's not too bumpy for the next few days. Lots of information is being updated and corrected as well as updating figures and graphics here and there. Most of the Vista problems with the programs are fixed and Vista people can use all the program now. Some minor Vista bugs to be fixed in the near future. Be safes everyone!

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