Archived News

2008-03-07 :: Equipment-Beal na Carraige
The Equipment Section has been updated with all known Beal na Carraige items. For a list of Beal na Carraige items please go to the bottom of the Knowledge Section. I believe there to be more low level/rare Beal na Carraige items to be found such as the Chainmail Gauntlet and Royal Silver Ring which has just been given to me to ID. If you find some items which are not listed at the bottom of the Knowledge Section, PLEASE contact me with the info. Thanks everyone for the help!

2008-03-06 :: Beal na Carraige Released
Beal na Carraige has been released. Several new areas, quests and items have been added. Expect the Quests/Maps/Items to be updated soon. All the items that I know about have been collected and will be added to the site shortly. Thanks everyone for the help!

2008-02-02 :: Programs 7.19.1 Update + Web Updates
All the programs have been updated to include various Vista enhancements and simplifications. All bug logs have been updated as well as the bug with DA-Walker. I have also updated a bunch of quests and items from around the site too. Enjoy!

2008-01-31 :: DA-Programs-Update to 7.19
All programs have been updated to the new client version. I have some major updates to some of the programs that will be done shortly in the future, namely Vista upgrades. The Multiple Instance EXE has also been updated. Enjoy!

2008-01-22 :: Web Update-Various
Most notably got around to update the Christmas items into the main sections. Lots of small updates and fixes as usual as well.

2008-01-19 :: Skill Damage Update
The Eclipse has been added to the Warrior Damage Skill section in the knowledge. Added enhanced data added comparing Eclipse to the Gold Kindjal with and without Fio Bless (+40HIT) on. Enjoy.

2007-12-20 :: Web Update-Mount Merry
New items from Mount Merry are up in the Knowledge Section. If you have any info on new items please send the info to me. As the information is finalized and confirmed, I'll add them to the other sections of the site. Thanks!

2007-12-20 :: Web Update-Various
Added the new pets, graphics pending. Updated information around the site as usual. Updated the few bugs found in the latest DA-Walker. Links and other sections modified. Some general purpose code clean up. Basically Winter Cleaning!

2007-12-15 :: The Merriest of Dreams
The Merriest of Dreams event will be coming out on December 20. You'll have to be registered to participate in this event. New christmas items are being added this year!

2007-12-14 :: Web Update-Maintenance
Lots of web updates behind the scenes. Thanks for everyone who discovers the small bugs throughout the site. I fix them as soon as possible. I haven't had time to include some of the features requests, but I always look into them. A complete beastery is generally the most asked for and hopefully the large task can be done some time soon. Please keep the updates coming and find inform me of any small mistakes you discover.

2007-12-10 :: Unregistered Play
Dark Ages has now allows everyone to play unregistered. Of course some restrictions are placed on unregistered Aislings: No EXP at 99, No AB at 99, No HP/MP/Stat gaining, No Religion, No Politics, No Education System, No Reverence Gaining. However Item Shop items and general play is allowed by all aislings (registered or unregistered).

2007-11-19 :: Fashion Contest Winners!
I won the fashion contest at the Oren Ball, with Ekei. I dressed in my AB 45 armor and had accessories suitable to a Fae. My prize was an engagement ring for the both of us. Thanks for everyone who showed up and good job on the people who was in the contest with me!

2007-11-10 :: Fiel Capilla Recruiting
The Fiel Capilla Guild is doing a recruitment campaign. For more information about this popular and well establish Guild please visit their site. Enjoys!

2007-10-31 :: Program Update-7.18 Programs
All programs have been updated to Dark Ages 7.18. There have been no new crash logs; send crash logs if any problems arise so I can make them as stable as possible. I have added a Dark Ages Multiple Instance file, you may download this from the Program Section. Enjoy!

2007-10-27 :: Web Update-Contest System
Added a lot more information about the contest system, including individual awards for each type and location of tentative award mundanes.

2007-10-20 :: Web Update-Maintenance
Hello everyone, lots of little fixes people have sent me have now been completed. Information errors, quests, item shop info is now there, pet guides and etc. DAWalker was updated to 7.17.3 for some quick bug fixes as well.

2007-10-20 :: DA Programs updated to 7.17!
All the programs are now updated to the new Dark Ages client. The crash logs that have been sent to me have all been fixed. Please enjoy the new more stable programs! DASearcher has been changed so it now includes a "DASearcher Maps" folder with it, and contains some maps personally edited by me (Tagor was moved to here and removed from the program).

2007-09-08 :: Web Update-Lots
Lots of updates all over the site as usual. Most of the Water Dungeon equipment has been found and info is available on the respected sections. The new bracer info is up and weapons as well. Andor Staff found and stats are up. Knowledge section updated with several stuff, as well as lots of fixes with the Quest Section, including the Water Dungeon quest a while ago.

2007-08-22 :: Web Update-Several Updates
I've added all the stuff that was needed. Water Spirit info is supplied, initial place-holders for items are put there. The new Item Shop items have been added, the Hwarone Imports have been updated and added, the event items will be added soon. Corrections around the site have began and the new Formal Headware Section has began. I need some help on which hats have been transformed into Formal Hats. Please send me all information with this and also for Overcoat information as well if you see a mistake. Thanks! EDIT: Programs have been updated to DA 7.15

2007-08-14 :: Web Update-Various & DA-Program Updated for 7.14
Several updates throughout DA-Wizard. All the current Spirit Worshipping information has been added, including all know spirit items. Also the new items to Andor King and Queen have been added and updated. Several fixes throughout the site and information additions. All DA-Programs are being updated to the new Client Version 7.14, and will be released as soon as possible. All DA Programs have been updated.

2007-07-18 :: Web Update-Medenia Spirit Worshipping
I have updated DA-Wizard with the Medenia Spirit information. All this information is available in the Religion Section. Specific Chants are also provided in this section. Standard site maintenance have been performed with all items and updated new Andor items as they come.

2007-07-06 :: Web Update-Andor Saber
The Andor Saber has been found from the Queen Chest!!! Check out the stats of this amazing weapon in the Warrior Section.

2007-06-29 :: Web Update-Treasure Boxes and Crafting
I have added a couple of sections to the Knowledge Section of the site. I moved the Treasure Box info into its own Knowledge Section. I have also added info on Crafting items such as Veltain mines. The initial info for the Ant Whip has been added and will be completed shortly.

2007-06-28 :: Web Update-Ant King/Queen Items
Check out the Knowledge >> Treasure Boxes page for up-to-date info about Ant Queen and King boxes. Antennae's have been found and the Ant Trophy (Ant Hat) has been found as well. Warrior AB35 Armor stats has been added to the Warrior Section. Check them out at the Gear or Armor Section. Minor spelling mistakes and web corrections have been made as well.

2007-06-17 :: Web Update-Andor Shield
Thannis has received the Andor Ore and has now constructed the Andor Shield. Stats are up in the appropriate section of the site.

2007-06-16 :: DA-Programs-Vista Update!
Hello Everyone! All the DA-Program's by BioMagus have been updated and will now all work on Windows Vista. It has also been updated to work with x86 and x64 bit processors. Other updates have been included in this release, most notable: Automatic Spell Located, System-tray Running Icon, Set Map Folder for Searcher, Mouse Locator for Editor. Enjoy and remember if you have any crash logs please send them in (all current crash logs sent have been fixed).

2007-06-15 :: Ant King/Queen Defeated... NEW ITEMS!!
With mighty Thannis, Eilyn and StarMaiden we were able to defeat the Ant Queen. Minerva Gauntlet came from the Andor Queen Box. Andor Box came from Ant King and Armors/Ant Wings have came from that so far. Details are up on DA-Wizard Gear Section.

2007-06-09 :: Web Updates
Updated the site with all the new item shop items. Took out the ones which were removed. Updated Pet guide and some small corrections to some warrior sections.

2007-06-01 :: Program Updates for 7.12 + Web Updates
All the programs have been updated to the 7.12 Client! I'm still sorting through some of the crash logs sent to me so bug update / more feature update for most the programs should be coming soon! All the site has been updated with the 7.12 changes as well. This includes the spell corrections and also the new pure spells and skills for the classes. Enjoy 7.12!

2007-05-19 :: Web Update-Various Updates
Hello everyone. Standard maintenance on the site. Fixed up a few quest bugs and other information. The new chaos map has been added with the new portals. Some random info for knowledge section, etc, etc. Thanks and please email any corrections (spelling/info/suggestions) to me so I may do with them what I wish. Be safes!

2007-04-28 :: Web Update-Rogues + Large Various Updates
I updated various sections through-out the web page including Quests, Programs, Spells and Skills, Knowledge, Gear and a bunch of other places too I am sure. Thanks to everyone who sent me all the corrections to make perfect. I have also added all the new Rogue updates to the web site including all the changes to the various items that were done. Added a lot of corrections to the Rogue Section as well. Thanks again and enjoy the updates!

2007-04-07 :: Web Update-Various
Added a bunch of fixes to the site. Botany section is updated with new spark flower data. New Overcoats has been added to the Armor Peasant Section. Some smaller quests have been added and a few have been updated.

2007-04-05 :: DA Programs-DA 7.11 Updated
All crash log's sent to me have been fixed for the latest versions. Some of the pointers were changed and updated for 7.11. The programs should work with vista better now. DASearcher as an auto clear option now and obstacle IA has been improved. The load saved map has been redone. Ao'enchanter includes decay from Cursed Home, DATimer has the layout for ab/hour fixed, and more. Make sure you have the latest version before sending anymore crash logs please! ;)

2007-03-22 :: Web-Update-DA Programs
A bunch of DA-Programs by BioMagus have been updated. DAWalker, DASearcher Ao'Enchanter, World Map Editor and Tab Map Extractor... maybe a few others too... check your version info to see if you have the latest. All updates add new features or bug fixes. Thanks!

2007-03-17 :: Programs-DA-Walker 1.6.1
New and better version. Mainly bug fixes! If DA-Walker does crash on you, please send me the generated DA-Walker crash log that appears in your folder. Thanks!

2007-03-17 :: Web Update-Various
Added the three new Hwarone quests. Fixed a number of bugs and changes that have been on the site. Updated a few enhancements to Separated the Overcoat Armors into a new section. Enjoys!

2007-03-14 :: Programs Updated for Dark Ages 7.10!
All the programs have been updated to 7.10! Minor enhancements/bug's have been fixed in various cases, basic exception handling has been put in place to help find future bugs. All Visual Studio .NET 2005 project files have been added with source code to help some compile easier. Have fun in 7.10! Be safes!

2007-03-12 :: Web Update-Various
Added the new Bast Cat - Hwarone Import to the site. Updated a bunch of quests with corrections. Added more information to the Spell Section. Performed various corrections in the gear, religious and item sections. Thanks everyone for the help!

2007-01-31 :: Web Update-Perfect Hairstyle
The new quest has been added tot he Quest Section of the web site. Enjoy!

2007-01-18 :: Web Update-Quest Guides
I have added a couple more quests to the Quest Guide. I have also took all the useful information (names, insight and experience) from the newly posted Quest Guides on Dark Ages and added them to all DA-Wizard's Quests. This section is now complete with all the new information. Enjoy!

2007-01-04 :: Web Update-Various Updates
I've been updating small parts of the site everywhere. I do not remember all the changes although two of the main updated include the Guild Info Section in the Knowledge Section, and the inclusions of more Multi-Path quests. Enjoy!

2006-12-21 :: Acolyte Conspiracy & Christmas Events
The Acolyte Conspiracy items have been added to the site. Proper shield and Rest Cloak information is added to their respected sections. The quest guide has been added to the Quest Section. Other information that has been altered has been corrected. New pet is added, and initial christmas items are viewable in the Knowledge section, will be added after confirmed. Enjoy everyone!

2006-11-30 :: The Aisling Chronicle
The Aisling Chronicle Newspaper has been released today. I've added a link to the Links Section. Check The Aisling Chronicle out for great articles and stories from all over Temuair and Medenia.

2006-11-29 :: Hwarone Import-Training Uniform
The stats for the new Hwarone Import that was just released have been added to DA-Wizard. The Training Uniform can be found in the Peasant Armor Section and is sold from Hwarone Bank for 1M. Anyone can purchase the armor. The other Hwarone Imports can be seen from the bottom of the Knowledge Section. Enjoy everyone!

2006-11-28 :: DATimer v1.0
New Program is released. It's a DATimer and will time the AB/hour and EXP/Hour during your hunt. It also has a very efficient Skill Aether Timer included with it. For more information please check the DA-Program Section. Thanks!

2006-11-27 :: Web Update-Programs
Hello!! I of course have been making all the corrections people have been sending in. Thanks a bunch everyone. I also updated DAWalker to 1.5.3, basically the same stuff but with the Chaos 34 bug fixed. Enjoy everyone!

2006-11-14 :: Web Update
Hello everyone! A number of large updates have been added. The Full Andor map has been added to the Map Section, from start to Andor Queen. I have also added a few new sections to the webpage, in the Knowledge Section and various other places. Of course I updated a few spell and item corrections as always, thanks everyone for the help! Be safes!

2006-11-03 :: Web Update-Andor
Andor Map has been updated with the AB34 area. There are no new AB34 areas *smiles* Enjoys!

2006-10-31 :: Web Update-DA Maps, Pets
Updated a bunch of information on the site. Also added a few more maps to the Maps Section. Quest section was updated quite a bite as well. The new Pets are in the Knowledge >> Pet Guide. Enjoy.

2006-10-27 :: Web Update-Halloween Items
Hello everyone! The Halloween items have been added to the site. The Pet Ghost can be found in the Knowledge >> Pet Section and the Pumpkin Hat in the Gear >> Hat section. Enjoy.

2006-10-24 :: DA-Programs-DAWalker 1.5.2
A new DAWalker has been released. This is much like the old version but it has fixed the crash when you "load" a map you have not been into yet. This will make it much more easy to explore maps for the first time. Also you may of noticed a number of updates to the page this last week. I have started to add the armor quests (in the armor section) information is added via OverLib's. Enjoy everyone!

2006-10-19 :: BioMagus Biography
I created a biography of BioMagus's experiences from the began to now. The entree is a bit lengthy but yee may read it from the Bio Information section on DA-Wizard. Be safes!

2006-10-19 :: Various Updates
Updated a bunch of stuff. A lot of Master and Grand Master equipment has been corrected. Also the new Lumberjack Axe and skill has been added. A lot of little corrections have been made as always. Enjoy.

2006-10-07 :: DA-Programs-DAWalker 1.5.1
1.5.1 fixes some more bugs and it allows one to expand the WorldMap.dat more easily. The new dat ONLY works with 1.5.1--old dat's will still work with the new version. WorldMapEditor allows people to add maps to the "Other List". Hello everyone! DAWalker 1.5 is out. This means less mishaps and less crashes!! But the main reason it is 1.5 now is because it has been changed to a Dijkstra Algorithm. This is much more efficient and requires less information for the World Map--this also means it's easier to update the World Map with new maps. There is no need for external .dll anymore either. Secondly, 1.5 also has a World Map Editor included in the download. This is a Graphical User Interface to expanding the World Map. To add a map, simply open the program and put the map number into it. A visual representation of the map shows, and you just "click" where the portals are in the map. Red dots will show you were portals will be inserted, then you save the map. Enjoy everyone!!

2006-10-03 :: Sisters of Time - Contest Over
Hello! The contest is over and the prizes have all been given way! Ten Million Coins have been given to all three winners and Andor Power Earrings to first place. Everyone got to keep the Light/Dark Gemstones. Thank's to everyone who participated and I hope you learnt a bit more about the Light Dark War. Good luck to everyone and please enjoy the new site!

2006-10-03 :: DA-Wizard V2: DA-Rogue, DA-Monk, DA-Warrior, DA-Priest
DA-WIZARD V2 RELEASED! With this release you will notice a huge amount of information added. Mainly the inclusion the other four Classes: DA-Rogue, DA-Monk, DA-Warrior, DA-Priest are all included now!! All at the same URL. Just click on the class you prefer in the top right hand corner. It uses Dynamic HTML to generate the navigation panel and if you return to it'll remember which class you prefer and take you there immediately! Not including ALL the information on all the other classes, some great common knowledge has been included and I encourage you to check out them: Knowledge >> Hair Style Guide (all colors/styles included), Pet Lore, Religious Information, New Quests and updates, Druid Guide, New Elemental Information, Andor AB33 Area Mapped, New/Updated Programs, New Tab Maps, Archer Arrow information, a lot of Code Clean-up and much much more. A contest has also been released, please check it out to win Gemstones(Light/Dark War Collector's Item), Power Earrings and 10 Million Gold! Please enjoy everyone!

2006-09-27 :: DA Programs-DATab Extractor v1.0
Brand New Program everyone!! Here is my Tab Map Extractor. It will render an almost perfect Tab Map of any map you wish. Please download it in the DA-Programs Section as always. Enjoy!

2006-09-24 :: DA Programs-DAWalker v1.0b
Tired of those long tedious walks down Cthonic Remains, or the tricky maps of Blossom Forest? Try DAWalker, by BioMagus. It is a program that will automatically move you to almost any location in Temuair and Medenia, going through world maps to provide the shortest path possible and using Wall/Monster evasion. Lots of other features are available (Constant hide/dion, Unhide options, Maze/Puzzle solver) please look at the DA-Program section for more information! Also removed most of the Google Ads from (Thanks everyone for the support, it's been doing very well so I decided to remove most of them). Enjoy!

2006-09-18 :: DA Programs-Ao'enchanter v1.1a
New version of Ao'enchanter has been released. The new version will take in account what weapon you are wearing and cast the spells with 0 or 1 line now. It also incorporated an auto beag cradh that will keep you beag cradhed constantly.

2006-09-06 :: Web Update-Suomi Troupe, Potions, Fish
Quick update. Suomi Politics armor have been added to Knowledge Politics section. Some potions have been added to Knowledge Potion section, and the Fish have been updated. Enjoy.

2006-09-06 :: DA Programs-Ao'enchanter
This is an Ao'encahnter for any class who has access to ao spell(s)--mainly priests and prizards. It will automatically see what is cast on you, and if a certain negative spell is on you it will automatically ao that spell (It should do so without bothering the user). The intelligence of the program will also not try to ao the spell if you do not have the mana to do so, or are unable to (pramhed or can't cast right now). The program will also cast the spell no matter what panel you are on or if you are in minimized or maximized spell window (even if the spell is in the 2nd or 3rd row and you are in minimized spell panel--it will still instant cast the spell).

2006-09-05 :: Web Update-Armors, Necklaces, Ect.
Heya. The political armors all have been updated, this includes the Noes armors. You can view these from the Knowledge-Political section. Several corrections have been made to the political section and armor sections as well and the pet Erbie information was added. The Nature Omni necklace information has been corrected.

2006-09-03 :: Web Update-Maps
Hey everyone! A bunch of small updates to the webpage. Most notable is then Andor 31 areas have been mapped completely. Fixed a couple of quests and items in other sections. The new political system should be updated with more information and armors. Stay safes.

2006-08-16 :: Web Update-Paradise Event Items
Heya! All the new items have been integrated into the site. The new items would include the accessories, hats and armors. For more information on them, visit the corresponding sections.

2006-08-15 :: Web Update-Spells, Politics, Maps
Hello everyone! I have recently updated the Andor Map section to include the new AB 30 map. I have also updated the information for the new level 6 summons (2 lines now). Finally I added what information I have on the new Political system in the Knowledge section, more information on this will be released when information becomes available. Enjoy everyone!

2006-08-08 :: Gear-Power Earrings
Andor Power Earrings have been found in Andor. They are +10Hit, +2Dam, +3Str, +10Regen and are so far found in Andor 73. For complete information on the earrings visit the Gear Section of the web page. Stay safes.

2006-07-06 :: Web Update-Multiple
Hello Everyone! I fixed up a bunch of the quests again. Added a bunch of information and corrected more information. I have also added the Summonable Pet's to the Pet Guide in the Knowledge section. Enjoy!

2006-06-14 :: DA Update to 7.05-DA Programs Updated
Along with the update today, I have finished updating all my programs to work with the new version. Enjoy :P

2006-06-14 :: Summoner Update
The summoner update is here! The new spells with all the information about them (mana/aethers/items required) are now updated on the page. The icons and a picture of them has been added to the appropriate sections as well. I fixed a few information updates in other sections as well. Added the information for the new pure disenchanter as well with known spells it removes. Be Safes.

2006-06-06 :: Summoner Update on June 14th
As you probably read, there will be a summoner update on June 14th... exciting! The level 6 summons will be include, as well as four other spells: Bubble Block/Mud Wall/Fiery Defender/Cyclone. The most exciting out of these is the new Pure Summoners spell: Disenchanter. This will hopefully be a big step for pures! Enjoy everyone!

2006-05-06 :: Web Update-Andor Items/Map
Hello Everyone! I added some of the new Andor items, and will continue to do so as more are found. So far just the Great Wizard AB27 armor is added and Andorian Greaves. The new map will be added as well. Enjoy the new Andor everyone!

2006-04-15 :: Web Update-Maps
Added all the Rendered Town maps made with SiLo's Map Renderer. Some highlights would be the new Feasgar Village/Kingdom maps and Grasslands Village Maps. Enjoy everyone!

2006-04-14 :: Web Update-A Bunch of Stuff
Hello All! I have done a number of Web Updates. The most notable would be the addition of the Arsaidh Aon quest. Along with the addition of this, I have went through all the other quests and redid a bunch of them (Fixed spelling mistakes, added coords, made them more clear, etc.) I have added the new items from the Arsaidgh Aon quest with their information. I have updated the DA-Programs page to include the new programs. Fixed up the Links section a bit. The only thing left is adding some maps with the new Map Render program. Enjoy everyone, see yas soon.

2006-03-14 :: Web Update-Multiple
Heya everyone! A number of web updates occurred, most noticeably the information for the level 5 summons have been added (graphics and mana cost), new Links have been added to the Links Section with the great web pages and Andor Map has been updated with a new AB level as well. Enjoy everyone.

2006-03-03 :: Web Update
Heya all! I have updated a bunch of quests with coordinates and fixed a bunch of items in the gear sections: thanks to all who supplied the information. As you may of noticed I have added Ads to a select number of pages. Be safe everyone and please e-mail me with any information you have to add to the page.

2006-02-18 :: Web Update-DA Programs
All of my programs have been updated for the new client and will now run properly. I have also did a large number of Web site updates to comply with WC3 standards. Enjoy the Fair and Valentines events!

2006-02-17 :: Web Update-Knowledge
I have added a Pet Guide section to the Knowledge Section. Information about Pets can be found here. I have also updated a number of quests and items. Enjoy.

2006-02-15 :: Web Update-Fair Items and More
I have added all the new ball items to the page. I have also added the information for the Rock Cobbler Pet and the Valentines quest items. A number of cleaning up elements were added to the knowledge section and gear as well. Enjoy the Fair everyone!

2006-02-04 :: Web Update-Multiple Updates
Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has been sending me coordinates for the Quest Section! Thanks a lot, all of these have been incorporated into the Quests: as you may of guessed, the Quest Section was updated. I have also finalized the Veltain Mines item section and have integrated all of these items into the appropriate sections of the site. I have also updated the Hunting Tactics with Loures Canal and Veltain Mine information. Furthermore, I have updated a number of links in the Links Section and corrected some information from the Gear Sections. Thanks everyone for the help and be safe!

2006-01-15 :: Web Update-Veltain Mines
Veltain Mines are here! I have finally started a "Knowledge Section" of the items. Once I have filled in most of the information I'll incorporate it into the rest of the site. Please go to the bottom of the Knowledge Section and contact me (email/contact/forum) with any information of these new items. I have also added a Veltain Mine map and updated the other Alsaids maps. Finally I have added the new updated wizard spells to the Spell Section. Everyone enjoy the new areas!

2006-01-01 :: Web Update-Links
Happy New Year everyone! I have updated the Links section to include some more links from around Dark Ages. The main update is the Dark Ages Library section, with a number of selected Wizardry entrees posted. Enjoy.

2005-12-27 :: Web Update-Knowledge and Items
Hello all and Merry Christmas. I have added the Gift Numbers to the Knowledge section so people can see the gift to item information. I have also added all the new Christmas Items to the corresponding sections of the webpage and added the new necklace as well. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their break and see you all in Dark Ages.

2005-12-04 :: Web Update-Search
I have added a DA-Wizard web search. You may now find items and such from the site by using this search. I have also updated the DA-Wizard interface a bit and added some fixes to the items section. Be safe all!

2005-11-24 :: Web Update-Knowledge
I have added a new section to the Knowledge part of the page. The Skill Damage is now included. This section includes all the skills in the game with exact skill delays and damage comparisons with each other. Very useful for figuring out combo damage and other damage information. RAW data is include if you would like to alter the data with specific instances (weapons and such).

2005-11-13 :: Web Update-General & Programs
Updated a number of items with the Web Page. The most noticeable is the DA Programs have all been updated and now work with Dark Ages 7.03. I have discontinued the Orange Logger since the new client lets you see a log of this anyway: it is no longer available. I have also updated a number items (little fixes) throughout the site and have started to integrate the Loures Canal items into the page. Also the Loures Canal Map was updated and finalized a little bit back, enjoy.

2005-11-03 :: Loures Canal-Map
Hello all once again. I have finished the Loures Canal Map (it is a bit wordy, but all the info is there). This can be found in the Maps section. I have also added more info to the Loures Canal Items (Found in the Knowledge Section). They should be integrated into the webpage soon.

2005-11-01 :: Loures Canal-Items
I have just put up a current list of all the items from the Loures Canal that I know of. Some of the info still needs to be filled in, but you can see a list of the items at the bottom of the Knowledge Section. Please feel free to correct me on any of the items listed there. After a little I will add them into the Gear section of the webpage. Also I will be releasing the Loures Canal Map soon, so expect to see it in the Map section. See you all laters!

2005-10-26 :: Dark Ages - Version 7.03
KRU has just announced the release of Dark Ages Client 7.03. Many new features will be added including: Guild Battles, New Interface, New Hunting Area and Night/Day affect. Expect this to be released Monday, October 31st. HAPPY HALLOWEEN and hope to see everyone in Temuair on Monday when the new version is released.

2005-10-18 :: Peasant Day Quest
Hello All! I have been constantly fixing little bugs from DA-Wizard here and there. I have just updated the quest section to include the Peasant Day Quest, and included the new Hy-Brasyl Crios Belt. I'll see you all soon, and be safes!

2005-09-17 :: Programs Updated
All the programs have been changed in some way. Added a Sound Toggle option to Speaker and it works with Windowed DA now too; got ride of a lot of useless code for Orange Bar Logger, and Searcher now also has an option to turn off the beeper if you don't like the stop indication sound. Searcher's DA-Map loading now works a lot better (Big Thanks to SiLo for explaining how the map loading works); a button was also added to the DA-Map loading so if you don't know exactly the dimensions of the map it'll help you a little in choosing what they could be. I also adding summery information to a number of the Ascension bars (so they now tell you how many succubus hairs are used, and such). Lastly I added a downloadable HTML to the programs section so you can do your Ascension calculations offline. Play around with them as much as you like.

2005-09-02 :: Web Update-Dark Ring
Hello all, I just updated the webpage to include the Dark Ring info. It can be found in the gear section and the knowledge section. I also added the right graphics for the other dark artifacts (found so far). Further updating was done to the program section and the Searcher was fixed for a little bug. That's about it, see ya laters.

2005-08-30 :: DA-Wizard's 50,000th Viewer Found
We have found the 50,000th viewer and she is Shialin. She has received her earrings, and we would like to thank her for using DA-Wizard. We thank all of DA-Wizard's viewers and hope to see a lot more of you in the future. Congratulations Shialin and be safe!

2005-08-28 :: DA-Programs Released
I have updated a number of elements of DA-Wizard. The most notable are the Two New Sections on the left. The first goes to the Updated Ascension Calculator in the Knowledge section. The second new Section is "DA-Programs." I have released the Dark Ages Programs that I have made (that are a little useful-lol). I also link to a number of other Dark Ages programs that you can download: enjoy them. You will also find a number of other small enhancements to DA-Wizard.

2005-08-25 :: Knowledge-Ascension Calculator **Now Firefox Friendly**
I made a new Ascension Calculator which can be found in the Knowledge section. I decided to get ride of my useless flash one (although pretty) it is now gone. The new and more efficient one does almost anything you would ever want an ascension calculator to do. It calculates all the givens and extra features include: calculating exp to max, calculating exp to master, calculating stats being able to choose how much stats per ascend. Please let me know what you think about it and enjoy.

2005-08-24 :: Dark Ages - Version 6.0
Kru has just announced the new version client that will be released. Please look at the newsletter for pictures and features. Kru will also be releasing a new hunting area with this upgrade. Lots of great things to come, so look forward to it! I have also updated the links section on the webpage as well as updated a number of quests (again).

2005-08-16 :: Web Update-Equipment
Added Andor Enchanted Earrings and fixed up a number of little bugs in the quest section.

2005-08-14 :: Web Update-Maps/Equipment
The Andor AB26 area has been mapped and updated on the webpage in the Maps Section. I have also added the information available for the White Jade Ring to the Ring Section. Exciting news for the Wizard Dark Artifact, Nefarus has apparently started the quest--good luck to all who is currently doing the quest!

2005-08-09 :: Web Update-Links/Quest
I have added a bunch of useful links to the Links section, mainly Religious links. I have also did a number of updates to the quests, most notable the "Andor Trials" quest now includes most of the riddles, with answers. If you know the answers to the ones I said I need help on, please send the answers in to me. If you find any other riddles for the quest that are not listed, please contact me.

2005-07-25 :: Web Update-Maps
Andor AB 25 area has now been mapped and updated--3 new areas.

2005-07-17 :: Web Update-Quests
Hello, I have updated a number of the quests in the Quest section. updates include errors/personalized hints and tricks for a bunch of them. Please if you find any quest information to be out of date, contact me with the corrections. I am also looking for general information for my Knowledge section. If you have any suggestions please inform me any way you would like; thanks.

2005-07-14 :: Web Update-Ferry
Hello all. Just a small update, added Medenia Ferry schedule in the Knowledge section. If you have any other suggestions on information which should go there, please contact me. I added a PayPal Donate button as well, please donate if you enjoy my site. Thanks!

2005-06-26 :: Web Update-Maps
Hello all, updated the Andor Map to AB 24 area. A Bunch of little updates to the page have been done since last announcement, nothing major: some pictures have been optimized as well. Please be sure to give me info if you find anything incorrect and contact me if you think a section should be added. Thanks and enjoy the site.

2005-06-11 :: Large Web Update
Added a Quest Section!! Access it to the left, underneath Maps. It contains all the Quests I know of, however it is just a light lore on each of the quests. Hopefully more detail will be added later. Lots of code clean up as well, with adding the new section, enjoy.

2005-06-09 :: Web Update-Knowledge
Updated the Knowledge Section with Political Information and Potion Information. I may do a Quest Section soon... still thinking about it. If any of you are a webmaster, I have created a few DA-Wizard banners under the Links Section, feel free to use them if you would like to link to DA-Wizard; be safe!

2005-06-07 :: DA-Wizard Contest-Boy I Look Good!!
I would like to announce DA-Wizard's next contest. The winner will be given a Great version of the Female Wizard 71 armor--The Great Clymouth. This is a valuable, beautiful and rare tailor of the armor, not many (if any) are left of the Great Armors. Second and third runners up will be given a Grand version of any Standard Female Wizard Armor (insights 1,11,41,71,91--any dye) they wish. To win you just click on the "Enter Contest" button to the left and give a small (100--300 word) essay about you with The Great Clymouth. Any creative work is acceptable (stories, descriptions, etc.). This is not intended to be limited to Female Wizards, win it for that special someone! Good luck, contest will end June 15th, 5:00PST.

2005-06-07 :: Tech Update
Because of the large number of Firefox users, I have maked FireFox friendly. Currently I have fully tested all aspects of DA-Wizard with IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.0.4, each is 100% working. Please if you do experience problems contact me and inform me of your Browser Version, OS (language) and problem so I can take a look and determine alternatives if needed, thanks.

2005-06-06 :: Web Update
Lots of little corrections have been constantly updated. Also the Andor AB 23 area has been mapped (no new AB 23 areas), however four AB24 areas have been updated. The main update to DA-Wizard is the navigation pictures; it now randomly switches between several different wizards. Also if you have a large picture of the subbed female wizard to the left, please e-mail it to me; she is one of the last DA-Wizard's I need for the navigation pictures. A lot of background updating has been done as well, such as external Javascript file and CSS file for easier updating of the pages. Thanks, hopefully a new contest will be announced near the middle of the month; be safe!

2005-05-30 :: Web Update-Hunting Tactics
A lot of little updates have been added to the site and random information has been corrected. I have also added a new "On Fas Nadur" section in the hunting tactics to add a little more background on when to and not to use mor fas nadur; mainly designed for the younger Aislings: please enjoy. Thanks to everyone who helped with corrections!

2005-05-29 :: Bulletin Board and Contact Forum
I have just added a Contact Forum so people can send messages to me more quickly and easier (no need to open e-mail programs); it will be used for the contests as well. A primitive Bulletin Board has also been added: it will be used mainly to inform me of corrections, but all posts are welcome. To access these please click the Bio Information section or use the links to the left.

2005-05-27 :: DA-Wizard Contest Results
Congratulations; The number that I was thinking of was 1337. I would like to thank everyone who entered and a big congratulation to Geheimni for only being 5 off my number. The winners are:
               1st - Andor Salve Earrings: Geheimni - 1342
               2nd - 5 Million Coins: Dyven - 1202
                                 3rd - 5 Million Coins: eCplAnunnaki - 911
Because of the large positive feedback (over sixty entrees received), I have decided to hold many more contests. Good luck in the future!

2005-05-26 :: DA-Wizard Music Video
Here is a spin off of Macho Monk's Awesome Flash Intro. It is placed in the Bio Information section: please take a look and enjoy.

2005-05-24 :: On and Web Update
DA-Wizard and Cult de Carrot webpage has both been added to! Also several little updates have been made to the webpage, most noticeable is Cast Lines/Animation/Mana has been added to all spells.

2005-05-20 :: Official Release and Contest of DA-Wizard!
With the release of the site I would like to also announce a contest that will end next week. The contest will stop May 27th at 5PM PST and a pair of Andor Salve Earrings will be given out to the winner. This is how it works: I am thinking of a number between 0 and 10000---Guess the number. To apply please use the Contact Forum with your incharacter name and number. Item will only be given to that character name entered, so only 1 ballot per DA Character/e-mail. Closest number gets the item, good luck! Hopefully a contest will be held every month.

2005-05-18 :: Added Vote Buttons
Added DA-Wizard to both DA Top 50 and DA Big 10. Please help this site by voting (buttons are to the left of the first page).

2005-05-14 :: Cath Changed, Ghislain #2
Upon gathering the information for the site, I have found that the Cathonic Shield value has changed from 30M to 3M. This makes Caths much cheaper to repair and also means it has fallen from being the second highest mundane valued item. Ghislain now reclaims the position as second highest mundane valued item at 20M--bsr are still #1 at 50M. Also please e-mail me with any items I do not have on the site (that wizards can wear/use) if it is not included. Also if any of the info is wrong, please e-mail me as well to change it. Thanks, contact info found on Bio Info page.

2005-05-12 :: Web Update
Most lore pages are now up and DA-Wizard is nearing completion. Wizard Guide links now include the Guide/Mastering/Subing/GM/Summoners sections. I hope to do something special with the release of the page.

2005-05-09 :: Web Update
I have added a Maps section. Andor map has been fully updated to AB 22 and will be constantly updated as AB level raises. Might earrings have also been found and added to the site.

2005-05-06 :: The Start
Start of DA-Wizard. The has been acquired and Cult de Carrot's guild page has been added as well. Hopefully great things to come--basic knowledge has been added.