Hunting is the epiphany of power... some desire politics, others religion... for the rest power comes from strength of the muscles and mind. In the worlds of Temuair and Medenia hunting tactics differ... may these few strategies assist you wherever you may go.

These are general hunting tactics for the pure wizard. Other forms of hunting can be adopted by these forms, however many other forms such as subber hunting will change drastically. Try to create your own unique way of hunting and use these as guide lines.

On Fas Nadur

One of the main resources that are available to a wizard is their powerful Fas Nadur spell; however an inexperienced wizard can cause more harm than good with this spell. First to truly understand the background knowledge of this spell you must be very proficient in the mastery of the elements. Please visit the elements section and study this information.

Now that you have the basic knowledge of the elements, when is it appropriate to fas and not to fas? We will divide this into two categories: Aislings and Monsters. Please realize that this not set in stone, there are always situations that can counter these fasing tactics, but these are general guidelines to follow.

Fasing Aislings
The most effective belt to wear is dark for any Aisling, this is because everything is weak against dark (except light). So when you hunt any common hunting area that has creatures who attack with the four basic elements or dark, you will want to wear a dark belt. You will also want to fas the Aisling to assist in this powerful protection dark offers. Areas that it is most effective to wear dark would include: Chaos, Cthonic Remains, Piet/Mileth Crypt, East Woods, Karlopos... for a few to name.

Now there are a few areas that light is more effective to wear. Areas like Mount Gigiran and Shinewood Forest, creatures often attack with light attack or light based spells: dark would be a very bad choice to wear and thus light is the common choice; again in these areas you will fas the Aislings that wear a light belt. Some areas such as Oren Sewer Maze, that have both light attack and dark attack, some wear a light belt and wish not to be fased so they can handle both of the elements some what effectively: these are special cases.

In conclusion, if the Aisling is wearing a Light or Dark Belt you will want to fas him. If they are NOT wearing a belt or wearing a elemental belt, it is best to not fas (or ask before doing so). Do not be afraid to ask someone in the group if you are unsure whether to fas or not.

Fasing Monsters
Monsters can be a bit more tricky. In general, if you are hunting with a person who can read elements, you can usually fas creatures. In all the common hunting areas (Cthonic Remains, East Woods, the Crypts) you will fas the creatures. These are basically because they are of the four basic elemental base. If the creature is of Light base attack, such as Shinewood Beats, Mount Gigiran and so forth, you will always fas as well; the only time you do not fas creatures is when they are of dark elemental defense or you are unsure of the element.

Since nothing is strong against dark (except light), only priests and rogues can kill dark based monster effectively. So areas such as Chaos, Shinewood mantis's and most boss monsters you will not fas unless you have a priest or rogue killing. Once you have a deeper understanding of the elements and how they interact you will understand the concepts better and be able to judge for yourself weather it is best to fas or not with the group members you are hunting with. I hope this helps and good luck on your journey.

Temuairian Hunting Tactics

General--Pre Master Wizard
Basic hunting tactics for the pre-master wizard are not that exciting. For low insight you will need to bash and cast your way for experience; after you get enough stats to learn a Fas Nadur and group hunting starts to become a must, you will become a Fas machine till your early Master days. As a Fas machine your job will be to Fas the creatures and to Fas your group members. You can become good at this by timing Fas correctly and keeping Fas on constantly.

Now just because this is an easy job does not mean you are not important... if you were not they would not bring you; without Fas the group would kill slower and die quicker. A good wizard can keep a group safe and get great experience in the mean time. All areas you can hunt will be very similar hunting style wise and you will need a group to hunt with. Hunt East Woods and Mileth Crypt until you get of insight to enter Karlopos; then hunt Karlopos until you get of insight to enter Cthonic Remains. Cthonic Remains will then become your hunting grounds right till you become Master.

However, if you have people that can leech, you may also hunt in Mount Giragan or Shinewood Forest and you might not be completely useless there. If you can manage to stay alive and keep what needs to be fased, fased, you can do a very good job.

General--Post Master Wizard
Once you reach Master your job will still technically be a Fas machine with Dion and much of the same techniques will be used. You however will have Pian na Dion and can assist in killing some creature, however your intelligence will still be too weak for you to use any elemental base attack effectively. Again hunt Cthonic Remains, Mount Giragan or Shinewood with groups to gain experience and gain hp/mp/int. After enough of each is acquired you will become a powerful caster.

Once this occurs you will be able to ideally hunt with a priest and yourself. Cthonic Remains are still huntable and you may try to guess elements or use a rouge to tell elements. However, experience will be faster in Mount Giragan, with a powerful MSPG (need to buy some extra MP to be effective), you can cast it over and over to kill large ambushes quickly. You can also kill with Pian na Dion and summons or ards. Basically Fas, Cradh, Kill will be your killing moto. Chaos will also become available for you to hunt with a rogue and priest.

Mount Giragan
Mount Giragan will be one of the faster experience per hour you will receive. For wizards the most ideal hunting method will be to get a pure priest to Cradh quickly and once you have enough mana to effectively kill with MSPG you can achive great killing speeds. If your MSPG is not strong enough to handle this yet, killing with pian na dion will still be decent. There is not much tactics to be used here, just Fas, Cradh, Kill. Make sure you stay group at all times and keep the creatures off your priest so he or she can concentrate on healing and Cradhing.

The most ideal group to hunt Chaos as a pure wizard would be: Rogue and Priest. With this method you can assist the rogue in killing by giving him Lyliacs and assist in killing with Pian na Dion--since you will be fasing the creatures for the rogue to kill. Keep creatures off priest as much as possible and be careful of the creatures when they unblind or being blinded. If you are a high enough Summoner you can also kill creatures yourself, keep creatures unfased and attempt to kill with summons. Finally if you feel very ambitious and have a good Riest, you and him could dual Chaos. The Riest will have a lot of work on his hands, but basically he will blind and cradh and you will Fas and lylic or use summons with no fas to kill. Do this when you and your Riest have enough hp/mp to survive safely.

Loures Canals
Loures Canals is a very unique hunting area. The main object of this hunting area is not exp or AB, but items. This was the first area to introduce "bosses and mini bosses" to get items. As you hunt this area you will randomly receive treasure chests that can contain a number of items. The hunting area is pretty standard; follow the map in the Maps Section to go to the bosses. The creatures can be killed a number of ways (bashers/pnd/deo) use whatever is at your disposal to get to the bosses. Once you reach the first boss, Skrull, just kill as you have been doing--he is the easiest.

The next boss you will have to kill is the Captain, easiest way to defeat him is to ungroup and then pnd to death. If you are ungrouped he will not harm you, however if you are grouped he will cast a mass skull spell on your group. The final boss contains two mini bosses. Again a larger group is usually needed, with a combination of pnd and bashers is best to kill these mini bosses. The final boss, Amorphous Blob, is the hardest and requires a skilled or large group. Kill him with a combination of bashers and pnd. You will most likely need a pure wizard to keep a priest lyliced to heal. An easier way to kill if you have a priest for it is to allow one priest to dsg him as a wizard lylics him. Good luck!

Medenian Hunting Tactics

Noam Plains
So you have become a Summoner... get ready for the most tedious hunting you ever encountered. You will need to hunt these plains from AB 1 to 3. Since group size will not matter, try to get as much friends as you can and hunt together. In a large group you will basically only need to fas group members and creatures. If the group size gets small enough you can kill with MSPG (assuming you have enough mp): summons can also be effective. After you reach AB 3 go to Andor.

Andor will be a much faster way to hunt AB points; you will also hunt in large groups since group size will not matter. In these large group you will need to keep creatures Fased and group members as well. Creatures will pramh you as you try to kill them (if you arn't beside them) so try to step beside them as you kill (or step beside something that will hit you to keep you unpramhed-can't dion in this state). If you are only attaking a single creature then being beside them will let you dion without getting pramhed. A lot of the creatures here Dion, so when this occurs assist the bashers out by Pian na Dion'ing the Dioned creature. When boss monsters come, you may have to Lyliac the priest so she may kill. In smaller group sizes, you can become the basher and use your summons. Step beside the creatures and spam several summons on the monster to find the element. When you are trained enough, you will be able to discover the element to use quickly and kill very effectively.

Deep Andor will be much different since group size will be significantly smaller. The best method to do is to "hug" the wall with your priest on the inside. You will walk slowly around and kill creatures as they appear. Try to have creatures always after you so your priest can concentrate on cradhing and healing. If a creature does go on your priest, kill it as fast as possible and make sure your priest understands to cradh creatures on her first. If you have a basher, the technique will be almost the same, except he will assist in killing. You will want to hunt Andor until AB 7, then proceed to Fire Canyon.

Fire Canyon
Fire Canyon will be the fastest AB you can receive around AB7. Often you can walk around and join random groups hunting here. There are two basic hunting methods to Fire Canyon: The Standard Hunt, and The Lure Group. Standard hunting will be walking around, Fasing and killing with Sea type attacks; with enough intelligence you will be able to kill quickly. The creatures here also take mana, so the main job of a pure wizard will be to keep the priests Lyliaced, so they can Cradh the necessary creatures and heal the group. You will just keep going in circles in this kind of group and kill as you encounter monsters.

The lure group is a hunting style unique to Fire Canyon; you will need a rogue and several lurers. Start a square near the middle of the map and have the rogue blind around it. Lurers will go out and attract monsters to the center of the map to the square. Once all lurers are back you will MSPG until all the monsters have summoned and died. This is again a quick way to earn AB points. Your job will basically be to lure monsters and then return to the center and Lyliac the priests; with so many creatures around the priests mana will deplete quickly and they will need you to give them mana. After all creatures are cradhed, start your mpsg, with a little Lyliac'ing to assist with priest heals. A walking lure group is also possible but usally with only 1 lure'er and everyone follows (otherwise very similer to the box method).

Veltain Mines
Veltain Mines is the second "item" hunting area. As you hunt this area you will be given chests which when you put gold in will return items to you. Hunting this area is very simple and you may look in the Maps Section for information on how the layout is. Hunt with bashers and pnd is best. The first boss can be killed simply with pnd. The fire creant boss is best killed by walking along the edge to avoid is mass damage spell in the center--use pnd from afar to kill. The final boss, Veltain Queen, is best defeated with a combination of pnd's and bashing. Good luck!