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Higgling is the art of acquiring bulk items for a cheap price. You may Higgle at almost any Bank throughout Temuair. It will require labor and 500 gold to higgle. You may higgle with an assistant if you wish to save your labor as much as possible. Higgling also allows one to identify items with io meas, one of the best item lores available. Experience will also be given for each item you create. Items that you may acquire with higgling are on the right.

Lock Picking

To practice lock picking you will first need the Rogue Skill "Unlock". Once you have this you must purchase Lock Picks that can be bought from a number of Rogues throughout Temuair (Rucesion and Mileth Rogue both sell). Once you have the equipment needed and enough Labor you may start your Lock Picking adventure.

Once your reach go to Mileth Crypt. Throughout the crypt you will notice chests on the levels. With the Lock Picks armed walk around these chests. It will ask if you would like to attempt Lock Picking. If you do try to Lock Pick you could be poisoned or Harmed well doing so, so make sure you have the Hp to survive. You may pick the same chest a number of times until the chest is empty, or you run out of Labor. Deeper down crypt you'll receive more valuable items.

Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs is an item that is required for the Rogue Skill "Throw Smoke Bomb". It will blind everyone in the screen for a few seconds allowing the rogue to get away quickly. To create smoke bombs the rogue will need Labor and Blue Powder. Blue Powder is made by Wizards at Mileth Alchemist. For more information on this visit the Wizard Section on Wizardry Research. Once you have the Blue Powder visit the Rucesion Tailor and speak with him. He will help you make Smoke Bombs. Note that Wizards can also make Smoke Bombs at Dar's.

Hair Styling

Hair Styling is something only Rogues can master. Because of this unique skill many Aislings approach Rogues to ask if they may Style or Dye their hair. This will require labor on the Rogue and the Aisling wanting the hair styled. A complete Color and Style list is available in the Knowledge >> Hair Styling guide.

To start styling you must go to Mileth or Rucesion bank and have the "Hair Style" skill. Once you have the skill talk with the bank mundane and tell him the person who would like their hair styled. The person will have 8 Temuarian Days to decide which hair and dye to keep before the hair become permanent and more labor will be required.