Lost your way? Need to find the light... join a Spirit of Medenia today and find yourself in a way you never thought you could.

Medenia Spirit Basics
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Admittance into a Spirit

As a Medenia Path member you will be able to join a spirit that best represents yourself. Medenian Spirits are completely independent to Temuair and thus does not affect the your Temuairian Religion. You can join or leave a Medenia Spirit whenever you wish.

Once you reach the Medenian Path, you may choose a Spirit. Simply go to the Spirit shrine and speak with them. After giving reverence a few times you'll receive a legend mark and become of that spirit. Initially you'll be Reverence 1 worshipper and may perform Masses available to the first reverence As you grow in Reverence Levels, you may perform more difficult Masses.

Reverence Chanting

All the Spirits of Medenia gain reverence by chanting set lines. Chanting these lines over and over will allow the user to gain reverence levels. Each time you chant you have a random chance of going up in level. Higher levels allow one to perform different masses. You may chant for reverence every 3 hours.

Performing Mass

Each reverence allows the worshipper to perform a new Mass. Mass will require a set of Worshippers of the same or higher reverence level to group together and chant together. Every Mass can be performed every 3 days. Different rewards are given for each Reverence Mass. Details can be found in the Specific Spirit information.

Spirit Masses
Ability Mass
Grants the group performing this mass ability points.
Reverence 1/2/3/4/5 gives 500/1k/3k/7.5k/10k ability respectively.
Earring Mass
Grants the group performing this mass a spirit earring.
Ring Mass
Grants the group performing this mass a spirit ring.
Necklace Mass
Grants the group performing this mass a spirit necklace.
Pet Mass
Grants the group performing this mass a spirit pet.