Follow you're hearts content and join one of the Eight Gods of Temuair. Become a devoted servant will allow you to have great power and greater responsibilities.

Religious Roles

Almost one of the surrounding influences in a Priest live in Temuair is the Religion she is apart of. The Religion you choose defines you as a priest. Before you choose any religion make sure you do your homework on them. More information on each religion can be found in the Religion Section of the web page.

Anyone can join a religion, however when a Priest joins a religion they are given special abilities which are unique to them. The powers you are granted are depended on which position you hold. The Priestly Roles available to you are as follows:

Religious Degrees
Award Needed
Added Powers
Consecrations, Desecrations, Mass, Geas, Prayer Necklaces, Administrative Powers up to Acolyte.
Clave Recognition
Symbol Creation, Staff Creation, Slate Administration, Administrative Powers up to Priest.
Village Recognition
Administrative Powers up to Cleric.
High Priest
Village Recognition
Excommunication, Administrative Powers up to Minister.

Some of the positions require an award recognition. these can be obtained by going to the Mileth College and attended class. During class you could receive and Educated Mark. With Five Educated Marks you can apply for a work to be graded and you'll receive a recognition in return. Furthermore some positions require you to have a certain number of initiations to attain. When you have all the requirements and a lot of faith you may attempt to hold the position.

Religious Powers

Along with the Administrative powers a priest is given over their temple, they also can perform a number of other powers which are at their disposable.
Consecrations are available to Priests. With an unaltered item, any Priest can use the item and consecrated to their god. Each god will bestow a different power on the item. For this information please visit the Religious Section of the page. concentrations can be done with an assistant and will require faith to perform.
Lesser Desecrations are available to Acolytes and higher. This will remove an Enemy God from an item leaving it unaltered. Greater Desecrations however are only available to a Priests or Higher and will destroy the Enemy God Blessed Item. This can be performed with an Assistant and the Priest will be rewarded with greater faith.
Religious Geas
Any priest or higher of the Religion may bestow a Lesser or Greater Geas to one of their followers. Often some task or test is assigned to the follower and if completed they will receive Experience, Faith and a Legend Mark awarding their success. Depending on the Task a Lesser or Greater Geas will be rewarded.
Mass is one of the main aspects of a Religion. Often a Priest will give a sermon on some topic and Followers as well as Allied Followers will attended the Mass to receive the Faith and experience with is rewarded from the Mass. Mass's can be preformed with an assistant and will be cast on the ground for a certain length of time. Wit hte "God Mass" spell, the Mass may be performed anywhere. After Mass is cast the followers move around and will have an option to accept the Mass. You may only attend on Mass from a God per Double-Moon.
Priest or Higher of the religion may also perform Initiations into the religion. Often some sort of test will be required, but this is depended on the Religion's Rules and the Priests Style. Once you have passed all necessary tests the Priest may accept members and admit them into the Religion.
Symbol and Staff Creations
An Cleric or higher may grant Religious Symbols or Staffs to the followers of their Religion. These symbols reward a small about of mp and is used to recognize your status in the Religion. This may be done with an assistant. More information about the Symbols and Staffs can be found in their corresponding sections on the web site. Only Wizards and Priest may receive a Religious Staff.