Wanting wonders? Demanding excitement? Craving the unknown? Think about becoming a Medenian Class and step into a new frontier. There are many new unexplored class's of the Medenian continent, and with this new unexplored land your new Class can become molded to the wishes you set forth for them. The true excitement in becoming a new Class is not about what they already have but what they will become once they explode into the World of Dark Ages. Take that step and take command today!


To start your adventure as a Bard, you must go to the Loures Harbor and take the ferry to Medenia. Upon arrival in Medenia, you must make your way to Asilon and speak with the girl near the center of town: she will teleport you to the Training Grounds. Speak with the Trainer in this area to learn more about the valuable Bard profession.

She will tell you valuable information and the basic requirements to become a Bard: The first requirement is that you must be a Grand Master of your current class; this means you have defeated all four Creants.

The second step is the sacrifice of equipment of your previous class. This means losing all your Master Gear and sacrificing your Grand Master Gear as well.

Bard Requirements
Grand Master: All four Creants Defeated
All Master and Grand Master Gear Sacrificed

500hp and 500mp sacrificed
250 000 000 experience
You must then show willingness of effort, and sacrifice 250 Million experience points. Finally willingness of suffering must be shown and 500hp and 500mp must be offered; this is independent of master base hp/mp requirements.

If all this is offered, you may now become a Bard. Upon becoming a Bard you will be given Mesmerize if you are Pure. For more information on Bard spells/skills please visit the corresponding Sections on the site.

The New Bard

Once you become a new Bard, you will want to learn your new curse spell immediately which can be costly. Also available to you would be Cursed tunes if you are pure as well as a number of skill. Go to the Medenia Spell/Skill section for all the spells/skill you can learn. All Medenia advancements cost quite a lot of Experience and Gold, so make sure you are prepared. You will also want to go and buy new equipment to replace the lost equipment of your Grand Master gear. All equipment and Medenian armor can be found in corresponding sections on this site. There are also a number of quests that can be done to reward valuable AB: look around Noam and Asilon for these quests.

The main object to start is hunting as a Bard, new hunting grounds such as Noam Plains, Andor, Alsaid Plains and higher hunting areas all use very unique styles of hunting. Start hunting as soon as you can so you can advance to wear some more of the greater equipment (to counteract what you lost). Congratulations on becoming a Bard and stay safe!