Commander of darkness... Creatures of the undead... Call forth the power today in the grim realities of Necromancy... Be able to command the undead to serve your twisted views, Necromancy is the mastery of the Undead.


Walking the path of Necromancy can be both sacrifice and power. To join go to the Sgath Pit (entrance is in the first level of Mileth Crypt or west wall of Rucesion Political Hall) and walk along the north wall: you will find the secret entrance to the Necromancy chamber.

To become a Necromancer you will need a piece of Zombie Flesh. One should be warned that the religions of Glioca, Cail, Deoch, Gramail and Luathas do not allow Necromancers into their religions. After you successfully become a Necromancer, you will also be given the Spion Torradh spell, in which you can summon the undead with. To summon the undead, you need to cast the spell (perhaps multiple times) and drop the corresponding creature part underneath you, depending on which creature you wish to summon. Good luck and may you decay with pride.

Spion Torradh
Item Required
Skeletal Warrior
Ghast Skull
Elthich Skull(random)
Greater Skeletal Warrior
Gargoyle Skull
Elthich Skull(random)
Armored Warrior
Gog Maw
Elthich Skull(random)
Greater Armored Warrior
Gargoyle Fiend Skull
Elthich Skull(random)
Death Knight
Gremlin Ear
Elthich Ear

Creating Fake Items

Because real creature items can become costly, the Suomi Wizard decided to help fellow necromancers with his Elthich items. To make these items go to the Suomi wizard and speak "Necromancy." He will assist you in making the Elthich Skull or Elthich Ear.

To make the Elthich Skull you will require a Kobold Skull, Wolf Skin and two Branches. For the Elthich Ear you will require Zombie Flesh and two Spider Legs--so be prepared. Please note that the use of fake items have a lower success rate than that of normal items, and that when using the Elthich Skull, it will summon one of the four Skeletal warriors at random.