Explore and discover treasure from all around the World. The path of a true Merchant lies in the treasures he discovers and sells.

Loures Canal Items

Canal Treasure Bag
Mythril Boots, Hybrasyl Boots, Dark Hy-Brasyl Belt, Scale Bracer, Black Stone Ring
Feathered Sapphire Earrings
Feathered Amber Earrings
Feathered Ruby Earrings
Feathered Pearl Earrings
Feathered Emerald Earrings
Big Canal Treasure Bag
Canal Key 1, Canal Key 2
Scurvy Gauntlet
Scurvy Greaves
Spiked Bracer
Tilian Claw
Amorphous Gauntlet
Large Emerald Ring
Ring of Flames
Cursed Belt
Heavy Canal Treasure Bag
Staff of Brilliance
Staff of Ages
Captains Shield
Gold Kindjal
Pearl Chain Necklace
Phoenix Necklace
Desert Skewer
Scurvy Dagger

Veltain Mine Items

Veltain Treasure Chest - Blue
AB22 Great Armors
Veltain Mitt
Veltain Fire Necklace
Veltain Sea Necklace
Veltain Sword
Heavy Veltain Mitt
Veltain Wind Necklace
Veltain Nature Necklace
Veltain Ore Ring
Dual Fire Arrows
Veltain Earth Necklace
Veltain Metal Necklace
Blazed Sash
Blazed Heartstone Earrings
Blazed Sapphire Earrings
Blazed Ruby Earrings
Blazed Emerald Earrings
Veltain Ore
Heavy Veltain Treasure Chest - Red
Veltain Queen Ring
Triple Fire Arrows
Veltain Smith Hammer
(Item) Plans

Crafted Items from Veltain Items
Tempered Veltain Sword
Tuned Veltain Sword
Blazed Veltain Sword
Veltain Staff
Blazed Veltain Bracer
Blazed Veltain Ring

Andor King/Queen Items

Andor Chest - From Ant King
AB35 Andor Male Armors
Ant Wings
Andor Ore
Ant Trophy
Minerva Bracer
Andor Bow
Andor Queen's Chest - From Ant Queen
AB35 Andor Female Armors
Minerva Gauntlet
Andor Whip
Andor Saber
Andor Staff
Crafted Items from Andor Items
Andor Shield

Water Dungeon Items

Water Dungeon Chest
2k AB, AB45 Hwarone Combat Armors (10), AB45 Hwarone Combat Hats (10), AB45 Hwarone Combat Weapons (4), Hwarone Bracer