So you would like to become a wizard. Temuair is a world full of wonders and enchantments and wizards are the mysteries behind these events. To be able to control these mysteries are what you seek when learning about the wizard path. Wizards discovered darkness, brought down the mighty city of Hy-Brasyl and are the controllers of darkness. If you seek all these and more then the path you should command is indeed wizard. Please read more about becoming a wizard in this short guide and explore this diverse path yourself.

The Tutorial

Welcome to the world of Temuair our young acolyte of wizardry. You will start in a state much like this little female wizard to the left. The tutorial is an opportunity for you to learn valuable basics of Temuair and the world you will be exploring. This will be your first step to starting the path of a wizard.

Firstly you will be given some clothes, put them on and follow the path until you encounter a knight. This knight will teach you much about basic hand to hand combat (or meall combat). For fun you may practice bashing the helpless creatures near by. Equip your stick and approach the monster. When you are touching him hit "space bar" to strike at him--try to strike creatures in the back for extra damage. You may continue this to earn valuable gold and experience, but when you are comfortable with combat continue down the path.

Further along the path you will encounter an ojii-sama who will teach you about the interface of the Dark Ages client. This is again excellent background information for you to learn.

Try to extract all the information you can out of this old man; he will also give you your first glimpse of the knowledge of a wizard. He will speak of them as master of the elements however say they are physically weak. This is very true, you may look at the wizard armors on this site to analyze the armor class of our equipment. Do not let this ojii-sama discourage you--wizards, unlike other classes, have no weaknesses further on in their development.

The tutorial also includes three other mundanes(npc) that will allow you to perform different quests. These other quests are voluntary, however may I suggest to head for the northern most house. The wizard here will teach you your first spell "srad tut" and ask you to practice this spell on the creatures around. Learn the spell and command the fire element to do your will. The botanist will ask you to kill rabbits in the next area and the blacksmith will buy your creature drops for gold. Stay here and gain nice experience and gold. After you are done continue along the path to exit the tutorial.

You are almost starting your path in the world of Temuair. Please remember Dark Ages is a role playing game and try to stay in character when speaking and performing tasks. You will be given two magical rings if you register your account, however you may return at any time after to claim these rings. Exit the tutorial and start your rein as a wizard of the elements.

Guide and Mentorship

You have finally stepped into the real world. You wake from your dream and can exit your room--talk with Riona there to choose your mundane birth. The first task you must perform is to choose a wizard guide for yourself. If you are a male buy your Gardorp from Rucesion Tailor, if you are female head to Abel Tailor: this will be your first armor as a wizard. Proceed to the Temple of Veil (or Temple of Choosing).
This will be the temple you will start your wizard path. You must seek another wizard or summoner that is insight 11 or above: many are very helpful and will assist you. Look at this sites Wizard Armor section to be able to identify wizards quickly. Ask the Aisling if they would be willing to help you become a powerful wizard. Once you have found a willing guide, proceed to the temple. Enter the center of the circle that are there and follow the clues to the wizard chamber. Once in the chamber you will be met by your guide and this old wizard. Talk with him and enter your guide's name. Once he accepts you as his guide, you will be dubbed a wizard, put on your armor and continue your journey.

There are many tasks you can perform at this point. Walk around Mileth to learn about the many quests that are available for you to perform. The Mileth Weaponsmith allows you to perform the "Stick Quest" and you may also do the quest in Mileth's west most house. One task that you should perform now is to find a Mentor. A Mentor does not have to be the person who guided you (but often it can be). The job of a mentor is to help you with your transition as a peasant to a wizard. They will also teach you many more in depth elements of wizardry.

To seek a mentor, try to find an older and more experienced wizard. Make sure that this Aisling is the right mentor for you and once you are sure proceed to Dars: the Wizard of Mileth; he will allow the mentorship of young Aisling. Dars is the niche of every wizard, you will spend a lot of time here learning about wizardry researching, enchanting items and learning spells. For more information on Wizardry Tasks, please see my section dedicated to such tasks of a wizard.

The Wizard

Congratulations you are now a wizard... however your journey has just begun. There are a lot of decisions you must make... what element do you want to master, should you sub or stay pure, what religion should you choose, is Necromancy right for you, will you explore the unknown powers of a summoner? For more knowledge on some of these topics please visit the corresponding sections on this site. Your main task right now will be to hunt your way to insight eleven. You may do this by hunting some of the common hunting areas around Mileth, including the Mileth Crypt or East Woods. Try to form groups with fellow Aislings like yourself and become powerful. Ask your mentor on what stat plan is right for you, which depends on what you would like to do with yourself... be very careful with adding stats when you do not know what you are doing, seek help and read more about wizardry on this site.

Once you have reached insight eleven, you may choose a Religion and a Citizenship. The standard wizard religion is Luathas and more information about him can be found on this site. You have four choices about your citizenship: Mileth, Rucesion, Tagor, Medenian. Right now you will be of Mileth, but you may change your citizenship at any time. Hunting tactics can be learnt on this site as well and you may wish to study or create your own hunting strategies. Other than this please feel free to explore this site and seek help from other wizards in game. I wish you luck on your path as a wizard.