The path of a wizard is bounded by the elements he or she controls... These elements are the basis of ever wizards existence: they are the source and limitation of our power. A well trained wizard who accepts and knows of these elements gains strength and power in diverse ways. Will you master this knowledge as well?

Blue arrow indicates strong against
Red arrow indicates weak against.

My Elemental Chart Data
  Defense (Belt)
  None Fire Wind Earth Water Light Dark Metal Nature
None 0.58x 0.37x 0.37x 0.37x 0.37x 0.37x 0.37x 0.37x 0.37x
Fire 2.32x 0.58x 1.74x 1.03x 0.66x 0.93x 0.83x 0.83x 1.88x
Wind 2.32x 0.66x 0.58x 1.74x 1.03x 0.93x 0.83x 0.50x 0.83x
Earth 2.32x 1.03x 0.66x 0.58x 1.74x 0.93x 0.83x 0.83x 0.50x
Water 2.32x 1.74x 1.03x 0.66x 0.58x 0.93x 0.83x 1.88x 0.83x
Light 2.32x 0.76x 0.76x 0.76x 0.76x 0.58x 1.48x 0.76x 0.76x
Dark 2.32x 1.25x 1.25x 1.25x 1.25x 1.48x 0.58x 1.25x 1.25x
Metal 2.32x 0.83x 1.88x 0.83x 0.50x 0.93x 0.83x 0.58x 1.25x
Nature 2.32x 0.50x 0.83x 1.88x 0.83x 0.93x 0.83x 1.25x 0.58x

LOD Elemental Chart
  Defense (Belt)
  None Fire Wind Earth Water Light Dark Metal Nature
None 50 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40
Fire 100 50 85 65 55 65 60 60 90
Wind 100 55 50 85 65 65 60 45 60
Earth 100 65 55 50 85 65 60 60 45
Water 100 85 65 55 50 65 60 90 60
Light 100 55 55 55 55 50 80 55 55
Dark 100 75 75 75 75 80 50 75 75
Metal 100 60 90 60 45 65 60 50 75
Nature 100 45 60 90 60 65 60 75 50

The Four Basic Elements

The first elements that any wizard begins to encounter are the four elements of the Temuair: Srad(fire), Athar(wind), Creag(earth) and Sal(water). These interact in a circle form... as following the figure above. Srad is strong against Athar, but weak against itself and Sal. Athar is strong against Creag, and weak against itself and Srad. Creag is strong against Sal, and weak against itself and Athar. Sal is strong again Srad, and weak against itself and Creag. These are how the elements interact. With extensive studying of the elements a percentage chart was constructed. Use it to analyze the value of the weakness each element portrays to each other.

In hunting around Temuair, using spells such as Fas Nadur allows wizards to exploit this elemental weakness creatures have. By use the corresponding element against a creature, they will suffer more damage: this can be the difference between strength and weakness.

Belts and necklaces are designed to bless the user's elemental defense and attack. These often give a great advantage over any hunting situation. Memorizing and understanding this circle above is one of the main tasks of all hunters.

Dark and Light

The next element that was discovered (by wizards) was Darkness. Darkness being powerful against all other elements seem to hold great power. People sought this power and with this came the downfall of the great ancient city of Hy-Brasyl. Near the end of this struggle light was discovered and lanterns were put up around all towns to protect Mundanes from the darkness.

Light and Dark are opposites of each other. Dark is strong against everything and weak against nothing (except light). Light on the other hand is weak against everything (except dark) and everything is strong against it. Because it holds the key to destroying darkness, light is used as a valuable element to all. Priests are the true commander of Holiness and Wizards are the controllers of Darkness.

Medenia: Nature and Metal

Upon the release of Medenia was also the discovery of two more elements that were governed by this land: Nature and Metal. It was discovered that Nature followed the properties of Athar(wind) but in greater degrees. For example, Nature is stronger against Creag(earth) than Athar and also weaker against Srad(fire) than Athar. This allows us to have a greater understanding of Nature through Temuairian elements.

Metal also follows the same rules: it follows the same properties as Srad(fire) but in greater degrees. It attacks wind stronger than fire, and is weaker against water than fire. Please look at the Elemental Damage chart for more information on the degrees of these elements with respect to other elements.