Water Dungeon Quest

Water Dungeon Quest (AB 30+)
Water Temple
Items Needed:
Procedure: Repeatable every 1 week.
  • Speak with the Water Spirit at Water Temple.
  • Enter the Water Dungeon which is in the middle pool to the right of Water Temple.
  • You'll continue down the 14 levels of Water Dungeon killing the set amount of creatures to advance to the next room. To advance say "Water Spirit, I have done what you have asked of me." at the Water Shrine in each room.
    If you cannot continue, say "Water Spirit, I cannot continue, I must rest." to exit.
  • Once making it to the boss room, Water Dungeon 15, you'll see 4 pillars which are surrounding the Evil Water Spirit. Destroy each pillar for a chance at Water Dungeon Chests.
  • Once all pillars are destroyed you'll be warped back to Water Temple, talk with the Water Spirit to get your reward.
  • 100k Ability Points