Unknown Depths

Unknown Depths (Master)
Creeg at the Loures Harbor Tavern
Items Needed:
  • Breath Ring
  • Your final Master item can be found by completing the Unknown Depths Ore Quest. Speak ("Hello" / "Where?" / "Who are you" / "I am (name)" / "sits" / "What Happened?" / "Sure") with the pirate in Loures Harbor (6,31) to start the quest, he'll give you the first tablet piece. You must get the Breath Ring and ride the Medenian ferry, but jump off half way during the trip. You'll arrive in the Unknown Depths and from here you can start your journey.
  • Please go to the Map Section and look at the Unknown Depths Map. Go to Room 11 and get Starfish Arm or Tentacles for everyone, then go to room 12. Speak "Tablet" out loud and she will give you another tablet. Next go to Room 9 and speak "Tablet" and "Sea Food" and you'll get another tablet. Finally in the North of 8 talk with the skeleton and say ("Tablet" / "Burgess" / "Seagull" / "Propose"). Now you have all the tablets.
  • Head to Map 14 and enter the ship. You'll have to do a mini puzzles for each floor.
    Floor One: Only kill hostile creatures in rooms (1-3) (1-4) and (1-5). Get the ship keys from all the rooms.
    Floor Two: Only walk in certain locations to get to the chests. (2-1): Left, Right, Right. (2-2): Up, down, left. (2-3): Left, Right, Left, Down. (2-4): Right, Up, Down, Left, Up.
    (2-5): Start at (18,26), walk right to (22,26), walk up to (22,19), take one step right to (23,19), walk up to (23,13), walk left to (20,13), walk up to (20,8), take one step right to (21,8), walk up to (21,3), walk left to (13,3), walk up to (13,2), walk left.
    (2-6): Start at (7,3), walk left to (3,3), walk down to (3,13), take one step left to (2,13), walk down.
    Floor Three: Keep attacking the chest until they explode and give you your next keys.
    Floor Four: Kill the Sea Skrulls until they drop your next keys.
    Floor Five: Kill the Pirate Skeletons until you get to 5-4. Follow the instructions on the tablet in this room. In 5-5 attack the Skinny, then Fat then Short Pirates, and they will dance. In 5-6 say "Arrrgg". Finally in 5-7 say "Maryla" "donn" "He is Dead" "He will always love you".
  • Emerald Crag Shield(Wizard)
  • (Or you're class specific master item).