Tutorial (Insight 1+)
Mileth Start
Items Needed:
  • Registration for Items
  • Read the initial pop-ups.
  • Talk with the Knight in your screen, and read all he as to say.
  • Kill creatures, and then follow the path to the old man.
  • Speak with the old man, and read EVERYTHING he has to say. After all the information is went through continue.
  • Continue down the path and exit the tutorial.
Optional Quest:
  • Speak with the Wizard in the house and learn a spell to use.
  • Sell your mold to the blacksmith in the house.
  • Speak with the botanist and kill bunnies in the next area for him.
  • 1000 Coins
  • Boots, Stick, Shirt/Blouse, Experience
  • If register, receive more Gold, Experience, Small Emerald and Spinal Ring's