Terror of the Garden/Alley/Crypt

Terror of the Garden/Alley/Crypt (Insight 1-49)
Mileth Tavern, Begger
Items Needed:
  • 1000 Coins
  • Speak with the Old man in the Mileth Tavern(Mileth Village(70,54)) and pay him the Money.
  • You'll need a small group of 2 or 3 Aislings. Form a pack and the Old Man will tell you of a Creature to defeat.

  • Alley Procedure(Below insight 9): Go to Abel and near the Tavern is a small path behind a build. follow it and it'll warp you to the Creature.
    Garden Procedure(Below insight 9): Go to Enchanted Garden and walk around the trees near the right of the middle left of the garden. Walk along the line (20,96) and (30,96) to find the port.
    Crypt Procedure: Go to Mileth Crypt 2-1 and walk along the South Corner to location (41,39).
  • Kill the creature and return to the Old Man.
  • Receive a Legend Mark "Slew Terror of the Crypt/Alley/Garden"
  • 5000-1000000 Experience, 2HP and 2MP.