Tauren Creant

Tauren Creant (Master)
Mount Gigaran
Items Needed:
    There are three basic parts to the Tauren quest. The first part you must summon and defeat the Kelberoth. To do this go to the Kelberoth Cave in Mount Giragan, which can be found in the Maps section. Go to the caves and then talk to each of the Altars, which will give you the secret message. Go to the center of the caves and scream "Kelberoth." This will summon the Kelberoth; there are several ways to kill it, some prefer killing with maidens and some bashers can kill it. I kill by just mspg'ing until it dies: this method prevents him from summoning spawns. After he is dead, he will drop the Tauren Horn. Take this and proceed to the Goblin Caves.

    The Goblin Caves are in Mount Giragan 24, head there and enter the caves. Go to your left and the Gob will tell you about a key. Go to the right of the caves and in the next room a creature will summon; kill it and he will give you the key. Bring the key back to the first Gob in the caves and you will get a Goblin Gauntlet. Now go straight from the beginning and enter the thorn chamber. Summon the Goblin General with the gauntlet and kill him. He will drop the Tauren Nose Ring. You have what you need to summon the Tauren.

    Now head to Mount Giragan 12 and from here you can enter the Tauren Cave. Go to the end and with the two items summon the Tauren; killing depends on what classes you have at your disposal. After he is dead, he will drop the Tauren Hoof; pick it up and return to the Altar.
  • Recieve Legend Mark "Defeated Tauren Creant"
  • Grand Master Mystic Cloak or Robe
  • (Or Class Specific GM Equipment)