Spare a Stick

Spare a Stick (Insight 1-11)
Callough at the Mileth Weapon Shop. Mileth Village(13,69)
Items Needed:
  • Less than 1500 coins
  • Six Branches
Procedure (Repeatable every 8 hours):
  • Speak with the weapon smith in Mileth.
  • He'll ask you to bring him back six Branches. Get them near the Mileth Inn or East Woods Entrance.
  • Go back and speak with him "I have the Sticks".

  • Optional for Loved by Mileth Mundane Mark:
  • If the next pop-up is "You Remind me of my Child" then click next, else click no and start again.
  • 3500 Experience
  • Stick and 2 Wooden Shields
  • Randomly receive an "Oak Stick," and get a Legend Mark "Loved by Mileth Mundanes"