Shamensyth Creant

Shamensyth Creant (Master)
Oren Sewer Maze, Filippo at the Oren Tower Maze.
Items Needed:
  • 300k Gold
    To start this quest you must go to the Oren Tower and say "Enter Sewer Maze": the Jester will teleport you to the Oren Maze. From here you must hunt two blue cubes, one yellow cube and one red cube. For a map of this area, go to the Maps section. The easist way to get these cubes are to go to the pits to hunt them. Once you have all four cubes, head to the black cube pit and just beyond here you can summon the Red/Blue Jester. Kill him and he will drop the Top Blazing Wand. Next proceed to the yellow cube pit and just beyond you can summon the Yellow/Blue Jester; kill him to receive the Bottom Blazing Wand.

    Next you will have to return home and go to Nobis: Nobis is just beyond the Oren town. Go to the Weaponsmith in Nobis and he will repair the Blazing Wand, pay him the 300k gold and now return back to Oren Maze Tower. Go straight through the maze until you arrive to the last chamber. Then using the Blazing Wand, you can summon the Shamensyth; kill it and it will drop a Shamensyth Head. Pick up the head and return to the Altar.
  • Recieve Legend Mark "Defeated Shamensyth Creant"
  • Grand Master Mystic Cap or Helm
  • (Or Class Specific GM Equipment)