Pravat Mission Quests

Pravat Mission Quests (Insight 11+)
Items Needed:
  • Finished Beryls, Corals, Rubies, Talgonite or Hy-brasyl
  • Conix Stones
  • You God's Religious Items
  • Offer your Allegiance to either the Grimlock or Goblins.
  • Go to the Grimlock Queen or Goblin General.

  • Offer Gems:
    • Give them either Finished Beryls, Corals, Rubies, Talgonite or Hy-brasyl.

    Offer Deity Items:
    • Give them an Item of your god.

    Offer Conix Fragment:
    • Learn Conix Lore from an Award Winner in Loures Library.
    • Go to the end of Pravat Cave and pick Conix Fragments.
    • Give them to your leader for 10k experience.

    Slay Enemies:
    • Slay your enemies and return to your leader to be rewarded.
  • Experience