Porte Forest

Porte Forest (Insight 21-40)
Goran the Suomi Cherry Farmer
Items Needed:
  • 4 Trent Roots
  • 5 Silver Wolf Mane
  • 6 Giant Ant Wing's
  • Suomi Village(16,72). Speak with the Suomi Cherry Farmer, then go to Suomi Weaponsmith and say "Porte Forest."
  • He will want 4 Trent Roots, Collect them in Porte Forest 3L, 3C or 3R. Return to him.
  • Go to the Faerie Priestess of Suomi and say "Skin." Hunt 5 Silver Wolf Manes from 4C, 4R, 4L and return. You will be given the Tarp.
  • Go to Porte Forest 4R and walk near the tree by the door. You will receive the Turuc Pendant.
  • Go to 4C and continue further, you'll enter the trap room. Use Giant Ant Wing's to make it past safety, or use the "redding/ambush/throw/cast" technique.
  • Go into the next area and a Giant Mantis will appear. Kill it whatever way you can. Once it is dead you'll be teleported to the next area.
  • You can optionally give your Tristar ring to the mundane in the building to receive the other Legend Mark.
  • 1000000 Experience
  • Legend Mark "Saved Daughter of Porte Forest"
  • Optional: Tristar Ring
  • Optional: Legend Mark "Ease Suffering of Porte Forest"