Perfect Hairstyle

Perfect Hairstyle (Insight 1+)
Eeva, Suomi Innkeeper
Items Needed:
  • Braid (Jade Ring / 2 Fior Sal)
  • Teased (Finished Coral / Blue Powder)
  • Straight (2 Raw Wax / Fior Srad)
  • Wavy (Wolf Skin / Fior Srad / Fior Athar)
  • Ponytail (5 Spider's Silk)
  • Bun (Magus or Holy Toque)
  • Loops (Leather Belt / Dirk)
  • Twist (Pearl Necklace)
  • Speak with the Suomi Innkeeper
  • Get the selected items for the hairstyle you wish to choose for Eeva and give them to her.
  • Emerald Ring and 15k Experience
  • Emerald Ring, Jade Ring and 25k Experience
  • Legend Mark "Loved by Suomi Mundanes" and 50k Experience