Pentagram (Insight 60+)
Baltasar, the Rucesion Skill Master
Items Needed:
  • Labor
  • Zombie Flesh(2)
  • Group of one of each class.
  • Rucesion Village(10,34),speak with him then head to Lourse Library.
  • Have the wizard walk along the book shelf in Loures Library and "Sign the Pact" to start the quest.
  • In House Macabre Yard 1, go to the northern most house. Fall down the crack to go to the Penta Room.
  • Have Each class sit on their skull. Going Clock-wise: Wizard south, Monk, Warrior, Rogue, Priest.
  • Wizard drops Zombie Flesh two spaces in front of her. Everyone rotates two skulls clockwise.
  • Everybody will get the clue meant for the person on that spot. Write down the clue and tell the person who was previously on the spot in the first place.
  • Go to the clue you were told and walk around the spot.
  • NOTE:
    From this point you can just return back to the Pentagram Room and go in the original spots. Drop the Flesh again, summon and kill.
  • Write down the second clue and make sure you know the creature that speaks to you. Send the clue to the corresponding Aisling of that creature.
  • Return to the Pentagram Room and go into the original spots. Drop the flesh, kill the summon and return to the original spots again. Wizard drops the flesh once more and you will finish the quest.
  • 1000000-2500000 Experience
  • Lich Robes, Lich Hood