Oren Sewer Key - Great Power(Part 1)

Oren Sewer Key - Great Power(Part 1) (Insight 50+)
South Lynith Beach(44,18)
Items Needed:
  • Pirate Armor for Stealth
  • Breath Ring
Procedure (Repeatable every 6 months):
  • Equip you Pirate gear and go to the Pirate ship off Lynith Beach.
  • Go to the Kitchen and tell the Fat Pirate that Aislings killed the Captain.
  • Proceed to the First Mates Cabin and walk along the wall to get the Captian's Key.
  • Go to the captians room on the bottom floor now and walk around his desk to learn of the treasure map.

  • Go to Lynith Sea and step on the skull there. It'll tell you how many steps to take and in what direction. Follow the skulls until you get to the end of the Lynith sea to a Big X. You'll be given the Oren Key.
  • Now go to Oren and in the first building go into the middle door. Walk down the stairs and you will be given the Legend Mark (it will take your key).
  • 3000000 Experience
  • Legend Mark "Explorer of Oren Sewers"