Nightmare (Male/Female)

Nightmare (Insight 80+)
Narve the Piet White Magic Master or Gregory at the Temple of Choosing
(Repeatable every 14 days)
Items Needed:
  • Completed the "On Honey" Quest
  • Sgrios Necklace (Males)
Wizard/Priest Male Procedure:
  • Mileth Village(94,12). Talk with the Man in the first room of the Temple of Choosing during the right day (use Nis-8, 16, 24, 9, 17, 25, 4, 12, 20).
  • Walk to Mileth Crypt 22-2 and find the Tomb--Let it put you in a trance.
  • It will tell you to go to, Mileth Crypt 27-3, The bottom of the Piet Sewers 16-2 or in the Dubhaim Castle. Go there and accept to Sgrios.
  • Return to the Tomb in Mileth Crypt 22-2 and go into a trance again. You will be given your Armor.
Wizard/Priest Female Procedure:
  • Piet Village(30,55). Talk with the Piet Priestess to start the quest.
  • Walk to the Center of the Enchanted Garden and start the Legend Story.
  • You will be asked to do one of three things:
    Macha: Go to Abel Crypt 9-1, find the message at (21,24).
    Ana: EW 20, go near the center tree to find the message.
    Madb: EW 18, go to (22,20) to find the message.
  • Return to the Enchanted Garden and dream again. You'll be given your armor.
Rogue Procedure:
  • Get a Finished Hy-Brasyl Gem(OR 5 Million Coins) and 2 Nila Blossoms.
  • Speak with Varuna at the Rishi Mukul Gathering, then head to the Medehi Garden. Eat the Nila Blossom and fall asleep.
  • One of three things will be asked of you: a) Gather 5 million coins, b) Open all the chests on Mileth crypts 11 or 12, c) Turn in a finished hy-brasyl.
  • Return to the Location when you are done you task to recieve your rewards.
Monk Procedure:
  • Abel Port(44,50), Speak with the Abel Combat Skill Master. Walk to the Temple of Choosing, and in the first circle room, read the inscription on the wall.
  • Meditate and you will find yourself in a new room. You will first need to walk the Ancient Triangle.
  • Go to: Dubhaim Castle North 6-1(Norther Brazier), Piet Dungeon 16-2(Rock immediately south of passage), Abel Dungeon 10-1(Rock immediatley north of passage).
  • After you reach these spots, you'll have to kill a monster in the last location you visit (Polpy on Abel Crypt 10-1, Gob in Piet).
  • Return to the Temple of Choosing recieve your rewards.
Warrior Procedure:
  • You will need 2 Hemloch Deum's
  • East Woodland 16-1 (12, 13). Talk with the Gob in the House. You must tell him "That Carnun was the greatest warrior and that you are inferior to Carnun".
  • East Woodlands area 17-1. Search the south-east side of the map until you sense Carnun. Drink a Hemloch Deum. NOTE: this may be bugged and you may need to go to EW 14-1 (9,46) instead.
  • Walk into the center. He'll tell you to slay a monster. Go to the monster and slay him (ie. 20-1 Eastern Woodlands and slay a Wisp).
  • Return to the the start, drink another Hemloch and recieve your rewards.
  • 3000000 Experience
  • (Cthonic Hood and Cthonic Magus Robes) or Morrigu Magus Pellison
  • Legend Mark "Cthonic Disciple of Dawn" or "Dreamed of (Goddess)"
  • (Or your Class Specific Armor/Helm and Legend Mark).