Medusa Creant

Medusa Creant (Master)
Nobis Village
Items Needed:
  • Shovel
  • Giant Pearl
  • Gold
    To start this quest head to Nobis; for a map go to the Maps section. In Nobis pick
    Bone Locations

    1-7 Cords 48, 60
    1-8 Cords 57, 22
    1-9 Cords 36, 51

    1-12 Cords 83, 28
    1-13 Cords 33, 37
    1-14 Cords 63, 62

    1-17 Cords 25, 41
    1-18 Cords 15, 32
    1-19 Cords 62, 15
    --Thanks Silmaril for
    the infromation.

    up a shovel and head out to the Oren Ruins; your first task is to collect the nine bones that are required for the first summon. Equip the shovel and head out to each of these locations: 1-7, 1-8, 1-9, 1-12, 1-13, 1-14, 1-17, 1-18, 1-19. To get the bones, just walk over the spot with the shovel and you will receive a message. After getting the bones, go to floor three and kill the creatures there to get a Half Talisman. Return to the Nobis shop and pay him to get the other half of the Talisman. Go to the Weaponsmith and pay him to put it together to receive the Talisman.

    Now go to the Altar 3 (just off of room 2-16). Use your bones and summon the Copper Draco; kill him and get the eye. Then go to Altar 4 (just off of room 2-10) and summon the Golem to get the next eye. Next go to Altar 2 (just off of 3-16) and kill the Fire Drake; kill and receive your third eye. Finally go to Altar 1 (just off of 3-10), this Dragon has three heads and gives you an eye for each head killed. Pick up the three eyes and return to the nobis weaponsmith to have him put them in you Talisman to create a Full Talisman. Also be sure to get a Giant Pearl from Lynith Beach and pay the weaponsmith to put it into the Talisman to get the Summoning Talisman.

    After all that, go to Altar 5 (just off of Oren Ruins 3-2). Use the Summoning Talisman to summon the Medusa; kill it whichever way you can and it will drop a Medusa Tail. Pick it up and return to the Altar to claim your prize.
  • Recieve Legend Mark "Defeated the Medusa Creant"
  • Mystic Greaves (Wizard)
  • (Or Class Specific GM Equipement)