Love Bouquet

Love Bouquet (Insight 11+)
Oren Jeweler
Items Needed:
  • A Group of 2
  • Talk with the Women at the Oren Jeweler, she will tell you a story and the location of your first flower.
  • For each flower, go to the location she says with your partner and walk around until you receive a orange message stating you have received the flower and it'll appear in your inventory. Both partners must find the flower. Return to the Jeweler for the next flower.
    • First flower: Red Rose.
      Location: Enchanted Garden (East Woodlands).
    • Second flower: Golden Rose.
      Location: Lover's Garden (Loures)
    • Third flower: Black Rose.
      Location: Anwar's Garden. (Filth Forest (Tagor) Farm)
    • Fourth flower: White Rose.
      Location: Shinewood Forest Entrance
  • Love Bouquet Weapon