Lost Ruins Quest

Fire Serpent Quest (AB 40+)
Lost Ruins (46,58): Jaryn
Items Needed:
  • Fire Serpent Skin
  • Shinguards(3)
  • Gold Bars(5)
Procedure (Repeatable):
  • Speak with Jaryn in Lost Ruins 1 about the Fire Serpent.
  • Go to Lost Ruins 5 and get 20 Stunned Snakes for each group member and then summon the group into the boss room.
  • Kill the Fire Serpent and you will recieve a Fire Serpent Skin.
  • Return to Jaryn and give him the Fire Serpent Skin. Wait one week and return to him.
  • He will then ask for 3 Shinguards and 5 Gold Bars, give him these items and recieve your Boots
  • 10k Ability Points
  • 10M Experience Points
  • Fire Serpent Boots
  • Legend Mark "Lured Fire Serpent Out - #"