Karlopos Island

Karlopos Island (Insight 41-70)
Reto at the Oren Island Magic Shop.
Items Needed:
  • 4 Livers
  • Earth Gem from Medenia Earth Spirt (Say: Hello, Earth, Yes, Octopus)
  • Group of 5, one of each class (Monk only hack).
  • Go to Bistro in Oren Island City(34,126) and ask about the King Octopus (Not Needed).
  • Next go to Baldo which is in the middle house, middle doorway of Oren. Say "King Octopus."
  • Next go to Reto, in the building left of Oren. Say "Mireh" and then say "Liver." In exchange for your Livers, he'll give you a Red Pearl.
  • Go to the top corner of Karlopos 3-C and you will be teleported to a man who will give you a Coral Necklace
  • Talk with Oren Jeweler and say "Coral Pendant."
  • Go to Karlopos 4-C and near the rocks are invisible teleport spot around the rocks. Get one character from each class to stand on the right spot and it'll teleport you to the next area.
  • This will be a long trap room. Go single file and have the person cast prayer/mentor/guide to disable the trap for everyone else. Proceed to the end.
  • The next areas are a number of ares with creatures. Kill all the creatures and continue through the rooms.
  • You will arrive to a room with 5 posts. Line up the from top warrior/rogue/wizard/priest/monk.
  • You will be teleported into the room with the King Octopus. Kill him and you will arrive at a boy speak with him to complete the quest.
  • 5000000 experience
  • Sea Coral Necklace
  • Legend Mark "Defeated Octopus of Karlopos"