From the Heart

From the Heart (Insight 6+)
Marlin in the Loures Dungeon
Items Needed:
  • Red Potions
Procedure: Repeatable if "Heart of Stone"
  • Go to Loures Dungeon and speak with Merlin.
  • Go to Jean of Loures, Next to the Loures Library, and talk to him about everything except "Even if it Hurts others?"
  • Go to East Woods 1-1 (The Enchanted Garden) and near the north wall, by the east corner is a bush with faeries. Use the red potions and "wait" for one to come.
  • Go back to Merlin in the Dungeon and speak with him.
  • Go to the Bed Rooms next to the kitchen and walk next to the bed without a pillow. "Resist" the stones.
  • You'll be in the Dark Maze. It will generally consist of 4 rooms, walk through until you find a sport near a door which talks about a stone. Keep feeling it until it warps you to a Chamber.
  • Decide who will be the role of fire and who moon. Fire will enter the circle first and follow the messages. Else can solo it as "Heart of Stone."
  • 5000-100000 Experience
  • Legend Mark "Small Heart of Moon/Fire with (name)" or "Small Heart of Stone"