Dioram Quest

Dioram Quest (AB 1+)
Items Needed:
  • 3 Fox Ribs
  • Talk with the Man at in the house next to the Asilon Armory. Exit the house and receive the Mysterious Book.
  • Speak with the old man south of this hut.
  • Go to the Noam village and speak with the man near the entrance of the town.
  • Now go to the stones in Noam Plains 5, Noam Plains 9 and Noam plains 13. Drop a Fox Ribs at each of these stones.
  • Return to the Asilon House and give the man the Dioram.
  • Legend Mark "Found Dioram #"
  • 1000 AB first, 500 AB Second, 250 AB third... can be attempted 6 times.