Desert Dunes Pyramid

Desert Dunes Pyramid (AB 5+)
Desert Dunes
Items Needed:
  • Breath Ring and Ice Bottle
  • Wind and Aqua Stone from Andor
  • Go to the Oasis and fill up the Ice Bottle. The Oasis is in Desert Dunes 2 (55,50). Ice bottles drop from creatures in Desert Dunes.
  • Go to Desert Dunes 1, and use the ice bottle to enter the Pyramid (66,60).
  • Walk through the maze until you reach a warp square.
  • Go into each of the 4 Elemental Rooms and hunt the creatures to get Gems.
  • Once your have the gem from each room (Earth/Fire/Wind/Sea), go to "The Path."
  • Run quickly along the arrows to "jump" from each platform. Go to the end and give the stones (Oasis Stone will remain).
  • Note: You can only make the necklace that is in your insight range indicated below. For details on necklace visit equipment section.
  • Earth Pebble Necklace (AB5 -->AB10).
  • Wind Sand Necklace (AB11 --> AB20).
  • Fire Molten Necklace (AB21 --> AB30).
  • Omni Necklace (AB31+).