Cursed Home Quest

Cursed Home Quest (AB 20+)
Hwarone Inn
Items Needed:
Procedure: Repeatable every 2 weeks.
  • Speak with the girl in the Hwarone Inn.
  • Go to the second floor of the Cursed Home. Kill 10 Cursed Rats and 10 Cursed Dogs, then continue to the third floor.
  • In the third floor there are 8 Accursed Rooms. Have a group member enter one of the rooms (your group will be warped with him) and then clear the room. You'll not be able to re-enter a cleared room.
  • Clear any two of the eight Accursed Rooms, then follow the stairs to the fourth floor.
  • Enter the final room, and kill the boss.
  • Go back and talk with the girl in the inn.
  • 30k Ability Points