Black Sun Leaf Tea Quest

Black Sun Leaf Tea Quest (AB 7+)
Hwarone Inn
Items Needed:
  • 5 Golden Mushrooms
  • 5 Ginseng
  • Black Sun Tea Leaf
  • Speak with the old man in the Hwarone Inn, then speak with the girl in the Hwarone Inn.
  • Go to Blossom Garden, and walk around to pick up the Black Sun Tea Leaf (randomly in the area).
  • Allow the inn girl to study the leaves, come back in 30 minutes.
  • Go to the Hwarone Alchemist (next to the Blacksmith) and speak with her, bring her the 5 Ginseng and 5 Golden Mushrooms. Golden mushrooms are found in the Blossom Garden, Ginseng from cactus in Desert Dunes.
  • Come back to the Alchemist in 10 minutes to receive the antidote, give the antidote to the Inn girl.
  • Talk with the Magistrate in the Inn and give him the note.
  • 61k Ability Points (1k+50k+10k)
  • 100k Gold