Arsaidh Aon

Arsaidh Aon (Insight Master)
Mileth Bakery
Items Needed:
  • 1.1 Million Coins
  • 30 Finished Hy-Brasyl
  • Group of 5, one of each class.
  • Go to the Mileth Bakery, and speak with Muhsin about the missing dragon statue.
  • Walk down to 31-1 Mileth Crypt. Walk near the middle of the area to receive a pop-up.
  • Return to the Muhsin, in the Mileth Bakery.
  • Next head to the Library of Loures and speak to the Wizard. He introduces you to Donal Oaren.
  • Go to Oren, and speak to the mundane in the Oren Throne room.
  • Return to Loures Castle Throne Room, and speak with Thibault. He has no information, so exit the room and you will receive another pop-up.
  • Go to the Loures Dungeon and speak with the Rogue there.
  • Go to the Oren Throne room once more and speak with the mundane.
  • After go to Baldo: the mundane that tells you to kill the pirates. Give him 1 Million coins to tell you the location of the Tomb.
Oren Tomb
  • Go to the (33,93) House in Oren. Here is the entrance to the Tomb. Kill the monsters in this area, and they will drop Relics. Relics are bonded to you when you pick them up, so be careful. After you collect all 4 relics go to the stairs at (6,40).
  • Walk near the first tomb on the right to receive your Map to Feasgar. Click on the map, and it tells you to go to EW20-1.
  • Go to the South corner of EW20-1 and enter the Grasslands.
  • Walk to the Grassland Village. You can get a Map of the Grasslands in the Maps Section of the website.
Grasslands Village
  • Speak with Ceannard, the Village leader at the center of the town.
  • Kill 5 Dark Kobalds in the town (each group member). and then return to the Village Leader.
  • Head to the south wall to enter Caladh Beithir
Caladh Beithir
  • This cave is very complexe. Go to the Map Section of the webpage to make the directions easier to follow.
  • First find CB 2 and kill 6 Dust Clouds each.
  • Then go back to CB 1 and enter CB 5. In this area there are 2 doors. Enter the one you are allowed to and head to CB 24.
  • Each group member must kill 8 Shadows. Then return to CB 5 and enter the door you could not before.
  • Kill the White Dunan's until all party members get a Sub-Cavern Key.
  • Return to CB 1 and enter the stairs near the entrance.
  • Continue walking all the way to CB 26. On the way each member must kill 20 Spelio's. After killing them, enter the door to CB 23.
  • Each group member must kill 10 Gargoyles from CB 23 area. After continue to CB 36 to enter the Feasgar Village.
Feasgar Village
  • Abandoned Village. Just head North to the Feasgar Kingdom. Then head to the East wall to enter the Throne Room.
  • Speak with the frozen Feasgar.
  • Next go to Mileth Wizard, Dar. Talk with him.
  • Then go to Mileth Priest, Devlin. Talk with her.
  • Return to Mileth Wizard, Dar and talk with him again.
The Sisters of Time
  • Dar tells you to go to Dubhaim Castle 6-2. Enter the room and speak with each of the Mundane's.
  • Go to Mileth Post Office and talk with him. Enter the current date + 20 Deochs from now. Give him the 100k gold.
  • Return to Dubhaim Castle Sisters and walk on the portal behind one of the mundane's.
  • return to EW20-1 go to the south corner to get warped to Feasgar Village. Go to Feasgar and say "And for that I lay upon this curse, my broken heart."
Summon Arsaidh Aon
  • Now head back to Dar's with the note you received.
  • Collect 30 Finished Hy-Brasyl and head to Oren Jungle 10-1. Enter the hut and talk with her to make your Weapon. Wait 10 minutes and speak with her again to receive it.
  • Now gather a group of 5 (one of each class) and return to EW20-1.
  • Enter the south portal to enter the Grasslands Village. Arsaidh Aon is in the center--fight him.
    Some tips on fighting Aon. The easiest method would be to form two groups: casters and bashers. Have the bashers attack with there relics on and the two casters heal/pnd without relics. Let the pnd kill the dragon, and once it goes into its "Blowing up State" quickly ungroup and join the other group (you have about 10 seconds). You will all be ported.
  • Once he dies, you will be teleported to Feasgar and his wife.
  • Speak with the wife to receive the ring, and speak with Feasgar to tell you he will empower your weapon at AB99.
  • Legend Mark "Defeated Arsaidh Aon"
  • Receive Ancient Hy-brasyl Orb Replica
  • Receive Engagement Ring