Arena Circuit

Arena Circuit (Insight 99+)
Gladiator Arena
Items Needed:
  • Group of Five
  • Get a group of five together and meet at the Gladiator Arena in Medenia
  • When you are ready talk with the person in the middle to start.
  • First Room: Simple, Kill with PND/Summons, Deo Searg or Stronger Basher. Do not let them touch you if possible.
  • Second Room: Run behind wall and have a redder on the attacker. Kill with PND or Deo Searg--Have priest constantly healing and summoner flowering if possible.
  • Third Room: Repeat strategies as second room. When the lizard comes switch to Light belts. For the Final Champion, keep him pramhed and attack is Pure Warrior Combo or Deo Searg.
  • Champion Band, Tortoise Mount
  • Legend Mark "Arena Circuit Champion"