Old News Archive.
Dec 19th New Guild Forum has been posted! The other went down and probably will not be back for a while. Please click the Forum buttom at the top and register an account as soon as possible. Thanks!
Sept 25th A new voting system has been implemented. Please register for a Forum user name if you have not done so already. Thanks.
Sept 19th Updated some events on the evetns pagesand of course added and updated member section. Hey Carrots!!
April 18th Adding Applications and updateing members section as always. If you have updated information for member section, please e-mail me. Also updated some event pictures! Enjoy!
January 05th Happy new year everyone. applications are constantly being submitted (very exciting). If anyone is interested in CdC please ask any question you would like. Be Safes.
November 12th Updated the Apps as usual, I have also added the Castle Event and including some screen shots in the event section.
July 29th Just a basic update to the webpage, fixed a number of issues. New applications are up and new guild updates are in Dark ages (Guild Bank and such).
June 26th What's Up Carrots? Updated page, forums and members. Thanks to DREEMY for her time on the board rules and application.
June 6th Added the CdC Forum. Please go say hi!
June 4th Application section updated. Voting ID's have been mailed to all the members, please feel free to view applications here.
May 29th As per request, the Cult de Carrot page has implemented a web chat. Please click on the Chat link to start it.
May 22th May Carrots reign with ever lasting power!!!
May 16th With the release of the new site, please if you have any screen shots of yourself send them to BioMagus thanks. SS of guild events and suggestions are welcomed as well.
May 14th CdC turning into an Arena Guild? I think not, but I have decided to participate in a lot more Arena Hosted Battles and would be honored to see my fellow carrots beside me.
May 9th Webpage started. Added for general information and knowledge of CdC!