Cult de Carrots were founded in Deoch 12 by idealists Emerelda, Armra and Innova. They had a dream... a dream to create a guild of fellow carrot lovers to both share hardships and good times together. This dream was then realized by Guild Leader Biothean M'agus and Founders Hoi and Alita.
With the help of Warrior Hoi and Priestess Alita Cult de Carrots was out of the gardens of Temuair. Carrots shown on all of Temuair and life was given to these orange friends.

Today Cult de Carrot's is a guild of friends and fellow Temurian and Medenia Aislings. We let people become their own carrot and respect all other garden vegtables. Cult de Carrot has underwent many transitions and given people a home in our little niche. We hope to give rise to both power and beauty, forever following our moto: To Love, to Worship and to Become Carrots.

Cult de Carrot is a hunting guild with communnity ties. We flurish in helping eachother out and is a place to accept eachother.