Join Cult de Carrot today. We would love to have you in our little garden family. Requirments to join are below. Please ask BioMagus or a Counciler for an application, or copy this and mail to BioMagus or a counciler.

If you are a member of Cult de Carrot, you may vote on one of the pending applications by useing the Vote Forum. This will allow you to cast your vote anonymously without others seeing the vote. If you wish to put comments with your vote, please post your vote in the Voting Forum.

Only online Voting (using the Forum) will be premitted now. Please place your votes within 4 days, else the polls will be closed. All voting is anonymous and only members of Cult de Carrot can see the Voting Forum, so everything is confidential.

Blank Application - Please "right-click >> save as" and save the .txt file to your desktop. You can then open this in Notepad, select all and copy. If you then paste it into DA-Mail it will have the right spacing for you. You may also contact a Counciler or the Leader for a CdC Application to be DA-Mailed to your character ingame.